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May 16, 2010

i mentioned a few weeks ago that we had our cable turned off.  but this also has greater ramifications– we live in an area where all channels have "gone digital" so it means we cannot pick up even local stations without a converter box or cable line.  when we turn on our tv?  nothing.  zero channels.  blackness.

i keep expecting that one day i'll be able to just cruise in and turn on the tv and... see things.  as if this were only a temporary hiatus or a vacation.  it's more of an adjustment than i thought.  imagine- i will never see any commercials.  that funny commercial you were talking about?  i'll never see it.  i'll never even know it existed.  i suppose some day soon it will hit me that this is it, it's not coming back.  blackness and silence.

i'm not saying it's a bad thing it's just... different.  i think it is good for us and good for jude.  jon read that by the end of the year more than 30% of people will have done the same thing.  we haven't missed a single one of our most beloved shows.  thank you, blessed internet.  the only change has been watching things the day after they come out instead of the day they premier.  curse you, twitter, and your constant jabbering about what's going on with #LOST.  the interwebs are a double-edged sword sometimes.  do you need tips on watching tv shows on the internet for free?  because we are PROS.  hit me up.

people, this tv section of the MCC is KILLING ME.  it just takes SO FREAKING LONG.  we've just finished watching the mystery science theater 3000 disks, FINALLY.  i remember watching that show on saturday matinee on the sci-fi channel before it was all ghosthunters and caprica, back when they only showed ripley's believe it-or-not, xena reruns, and deep space nine.  i would spend the hot part of the afternoon laying on the big thick rug in my parents room in a puddle of sunshine watching mst3k, and often i would happily drift off to sleep.  sounds like a nice memory, right?  except the whole sleeping part.  because i had blocked out how freaking boring the original show could be.  it was hit or miss, either totally awesome or SNOOZE.  nothing compares to the actual movie, which we've already watched up in the VHS section.

and we haven't even gotten to the simpsons yet.  we have six season of the simpsons and seasons one and two of the original transformers cartoon to get through before we can start watching real movies.  internet, hold me.  i'm not sure i'm going to make it.

up next is magnum pi.  love me some tom selleck.  and the lads.  i always look forward to mr. mustache shorts.


Sarah @ OneStarryNight

We don't watch much tv here, I have my shows that I HAVE TO WATCH and I would freak without Tivo but that's generally it.

Oh hi Mr. Tom *wink* sassy.


We did away with cable about a year ago when I was paying the $60 bill and realized no one had turned the tv on in at least a month. Now we pay $9 a month for Netflix and watch stuff through the Xbox. I like it that I can watch an entire season of a show whenever I want!

And you never get used to the commercial thing. To this day, my mom will say, "have you seen this commercial?" Um, no. She doesn't seem to get that no cable means no commercials.


We are the opposite. We didn't have cable until recently. Well, when K was born actually so about 8 months ago. We almost NEVER have it turned on though and I threaten once a week to have it cut off completely. You find other things to do. Things outside and playing games and stuff like that. You could always cover up the set with a pretty blanket or something too. Out of sight, out of mind.

hand pecked debb

I too do not have cable and what we can get with rabbit year is usually in various languages i don't understand. I do encounter a lot of people who can not comprehend that I do not watch that much TV but i watch a lot of netflix especially now we can stream movies and shows through the wii. I bet I save a lot of money a month not dealing with cable.

I still nap on weekend afternoons falling asleep to MST3K and youtube commercials people tell me about. =)


Get this, I don't have the cable OR the interwebs (at home). I'm cruising right along through my movie collection. And, I've decided, I probably won't get cable. The only reason I had it was to fill time instead of motivating myself to get out and go running or read a book or go get dinner with a friend or something. No more cable for me. We can be cableless friends.

the grumbles

i thought i should clarify- we have this handy little cable that plugs out laptop straight into our tv, so we can in fact watch all our online shows on the big screen with the surround sound. it makes all the difference. god bless technology, amen.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

I bow to you, I'm not sure I could just walk away from the DVR cold turkey.

When you guys watch things online, do you just sit there with your computer in someone's lap? Or do you hook it up to your tv?

Sarah W

Do you really have a signed photograph of Tom Selleck?! Awesome.


That's a whole lotta Simpsons...wow! We tried to get one of those cables for our TV too but our TV was too old it wouldn't work with the computer :(

the grumbles

in the interest of full disclosure Sarah, i photoshopped that...


Sarah W

LOL... too funny! Nice work with the blur. You fooled me! :)

wrestling kitties

bravo to you! I will admit, my husband and I are TV Junkies. Currently I am upstairs watching recorded shows and he is downstairs on HIS DVR watching recorded shows. Yes, we are in seperate parts of the house and yes we have 2 DVR's. I know we would be better to not watch so much TV and getting rid of cable would be cheaper and allow us to spend more time together, but we both have a world of stress in our lives so TV works right now to have that time alone and away from each other to unwind....in a few years who knows. But I admire people who can get rid of cable because I sure as hell couldn't right now!!

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