plant killa update!

May 14, 2010

so, about this whole herb garden thing...

i posted a few weeks/months ago about planting my first herb garden.  as i am a notorious plant killer this has been quite an undertaking.  but- i'm happy to report to you that my plants have not died. ...yet.  let's not jinx things.

this is what i started with:

herb garden (before)

which i then cleaned up to this:

herb garden (midway)

i've documented a bit of the growing along the way, twitter has been getting regular gardening updates:

cilantro sprouts

onion sprouts

go plants, go!

garden update


and here we are, today:


the cilantro is a little enthusiastic, to say the least.



i guess over excited is better than... dead. anyone know any good cilantro recipes?

cilantro overflow

i've even had to transplant some of the overflow to pots. i couldn't stand to just throw them away after all this work.


i'm not really sure what's going on with these scallions, they seem to be at a growing standstill. are they going to get bigger?


my most very favorite, the soft velvety leaves of sage.


the basil is finally coming into it's own. i was a little worried about it for a while. the whole area is starting to smell delicious.


the oregano has been the worst, it only just sprouted this week. stupid slow tiny oregano.

flat leaf parsley

the parsley is about to go the way of the cilantro i think. which means we will have WAY too much of it.


did you know all you need to do to grow your own garlic is plant a peeled bulb? i had no idea.

hot peppers

hot peppers in the making. jon will be pleased. i will be sad.

so, this is a lot of pictures of my plants. sorry to bore you.  but dudes! i'm excited! they're alive! i can put them into my foods! we've been consuming burritos and quesadillas with cilantro all week!

it doesn't take much to make me happy, can you tell?

now someone mail me a tomato plant, asap please!




plant killa, ques que ce, fa fa fa faaaaaaaaaa fafafafafaaaaaaaaa faaaaaaaaa bettah.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

OK, you're giving me a little more hope for my own garden. Everything is still so young and scraggly I was starting to worry about it!

OH and you can't go wrong with some home made salsa as a way to use your cilantro.

I'll trade you some cilantro for my tomatoes.

hand pecked debb

You need a piece of slate that sez "RIP, Ghostface Plant Killah, with love, Hot Peppa!"

The cilantro and sage looks mouthwatering from here. Tell Bang not to lick them and make them all drooly.


Bang didn't make it worse!!! Yay for your garden. I love it. Send me some oregano, mkay?


Not boring: awesome! I'm growing my own herbs for the first time this year as well, though mine are all crammed into a pot rather than roaming free in a nice bed like yours. Hurrah for herbs! (That means we have to cook now, though, right?) One of the Moosewood cookbooks has a tasty recipe for a carrot and parsley salad. Mmmm.


Hey, good job! We're barely keeping ours alive and we just plated them a few weeks ago.

We've recently discovered that eggplant will make you feel great about your gardening abilities. If you forget to water it, it shrivels up and falls over. After kicking yourself for killing yet another plant, you give it some water with a little hope of survival and (not even kidding) three hours later it's the best looking plant in the box!

Longest comment about eggplant. Ever!

Ky •

I am quite envious of your cilantro.

Oddly, I live in MEXICO - home of SALSA and I cannot, for the life of me, get my cilantro to maintain. It grows, then dies. UGH.

BEAUTIFUL GARDEN! Way to go, green thumb.


WOW Jamie - I want your green thumb skillz!! Come teach me? Pretty pretty please?!


Wow, makes me a little jealous that the only plants I can keep alive are fake. :)

Kate, aka Guavalicious

Damn girl, as a fellow plant killer I am totally impressed.

Sarah @ OneStarryNight

What awesome progress! Our cilantro is growing MAD crazy too. Our basil however couldn't handle the storms lately and is dying out so that will need to be replaced. Our strawberries are producing very well, just waiting for the berries to ripen and hmm the tomato plants/pepper plants/other herbs are steady.

How were you able to transplant the cilantro without damaging the roots?

Brooke @ Parenting from Scratch

Cilantro pesto!

I like your herb garden--It's giving me ideas for yet another front yard edible landscaping project.

Sarah W

NICE! I'm jealous. We are forgoing the herbs this year since we're moving in 3 weeks. I love cilantro. I would come rob you of some if I lived closer!

Way to go, killa!

the grumbles

@josey & rachel & kate & pretty much everybody- swears, i am a terrible gardener. there is no secret, i just planted everything in full sun (key) and try to water it very often. i'm not doing anything magical.

@sarah- all I did to move the cilantro was gently pull it out (keeping the roots in tact) and plop it down into another hole. two of the transplants are doing great, one is only so-so. but no super-refined technique about it

@brooke! cilantro pesto! fabulous idea! i will google this immediately!

wrestling kitties

I am jealous....that garden looks awesome!! Nice job! (How often do you water the plants?! I always kill my stuff)

the grumbles

@wk i try to water it once a day when i get home. unless it rains, then i don't. i'll probably have to do it more often when it starts to get really hot though.

wrestling kitties

hmmmmm, that may very well explain why when I only watered them twice a week why they would die.

Note to self: things that are living need to be taken care of EVERY day. This will also come in handy when we have kids.

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