reader fatigue

May 5, 2010

i read an article recently that introduced me to the idea of reader fatigue- that you could actually be blogging too much and it might annoy your readers and they can never catch up, or that your posts might not be as meaningful if you post often.

first of all, i have a bone to pick with it's author, @unmarketing.  scott seems like a lovely fellow and is friends with many of the same ladies i am on the twitter.  however this blog post on blogging frequency is the first one he has written in six weeks.  honey.  sweetie.  i'm a busy girl.  if i don't see you for six weeks?  i don't really remember who you are unless you made quite an impression.  so i might be frequently futile but you are occasionally overlooked or sporadically soporific.  i know his main media tends to be the twitter and that he writes several other places as well.  truly it has nothing to do with him personally.  his post just really got all up in my hind parts and stuck a foot up my ass.  because i am that person who reads articles like "ten blogging mistakes" and "effective SEO titles (which i purposely ignore)" and "best time of the day to blog".  his article seems to be mostly targeted towards business, topical, and money-making bloggers and i'm a "personal blogger", so i know technically it's different.  but still.  it's been a few weeks now and i'm still thinking about it.  clearly it struck a chord.

i write here four to five times a week.  according loose definitions that would probably be "too much".  readers, I HOLD BACK.  you think you have reader fatigue now?  you don't know NOTHIN' on what it could be.  some days i feel like i could post multiple posts a day and i don't for fear of overwhelming you.  i write posts and save them for days when i don't have that creative itch.  i backlog posts for busy days at work and at home.

part of me wants to ask you, do i post too much?  but the other part of me doesn't care what your answer is.

dearest readers, i like to try to make this place about you- about us, together.  but it's also very much about me.  and i like to post this much.  about whatever i want.  so suck it.

your grumblies

(and i'm posting this at 9am because the internet says lunch-time posts get more traffic.  YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, INTERNET.  YOU GET 9AM.  AND YOU'LL LIKE IT.)




And I DO like it! ;-)

I've been a lax blogger lately. I've been watching too much Seinfeld I think, and my mind is overly full of nothing. All I have is the reading others' blogs part of the internet at the moment. I'm happiest when I see a near-daily post from my favorite writers. Gives me something to mull over (even if it's just a quick How Cute! though about a pic of their little one or their dog).

Keep up the pace, if you like it (holding back? My goodness!) and know that I'm reading.

P.S. You're way more interesting than Seinfeld. I wish my husband and I could read blogs aloud at night instead of watch DVDs.

hand pecked debb

hm reader fatigue... that must be why design*sponge is obviously not doing well with the blog, book, advertising, magazine articles... yeah.

Keep bloggin, reading blogs has become a new form of literacy in my life when I've run out of classics.


I'm glad you blog daily! I'd miss your posts otherwise. There have been other blogs I've started reading and they fade out, come back, fade out...I like consistency!

That being said, you have not fatigued me yet!


fatigue shmatigue. i like that you post often. feel the love.

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

Hubs and I argue over this quite frequently. I have tried blogging on different schedules. When I first started blogging I posted every day, but my main reason was to build up content/archives. Then I tried 4 days/week, but my traffic went down. So now I'm at 5 days/wk usually, sometimes 6 if I really need to squeeze something else in there.
I'm interested in hearing the answers too, although your readers are different from mine so it probably won't apply ;)
At any rate, my personal answer is that I subscribe to lots of blogs. I might not read every post in full every day, but I at least glance through them. I comment when I feel so moved (and I always try to comment back when someone takes time to on my site).
Only once have I ever unsubscribed from a blog b/c of excessive posts - and it was more than daily posting. I'd be more inclined to unsub for NOT posting.

I'd also be more inclined to unsub if the content was all over the board.


Coming from the perspective of someone who is SO overwhelmed with work and a house remodel and traveling right now that she feels she will never catch up on her google reader... I still read your posts the second I get a moment. I think if you like someone's writing, there's no such thing as them posting "too much" or "too often." Even if I didn't feel that way, I'd say "POST AWAY!" b/c this is in essence your journal, your place to put your thoughts out there. You're not doing it to get rich quick or have a million're doing to have an outlet and to make connections with real live people who like you or who can relate to you (at least that's why I have a personal blog).

I'm glad I met you. :)

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

I jumped over and skimmed the article, and honestly he seems like a self protentious prick.

You think Pioneer Woman thinks about the fact that if you subscribe to her full feed you get like 14 posts in your Google Reader a day? Nope. She just does it.


I also like your posts. With all their frequency and jazz.

And one other thing, girl do I know what you mean about having the capability to FLOOD someone's Google Reader. The backlog of posts in my Typepad account could kill a small child.

Or something.


This individual did not ask me my opinion. I personally like early morning blog posts AND I like it if I check back later in the day and there is something new there.

Shows how much HE knows.

Sarah W

Grumbles, I truly enjoy your almost-daily blog posts. I like to read them whilst I'm "working." Event though I can't totally relate to the baby stuff, I feel as though you are providing valuable information that I might use for making future parting decisions. So, thanks for that!

I also really appreciate your comments - especially funny stuff, like the story about how you almost stole someone's dog.

Write on!

Sarah W

Haha... I meant PARENTING decisions.

the grumbles

thanks all. now watch, i'll have some kind of crazy dry spell after posting this.

@athenabee "this individual" had me rolling on the floor at my desk. MAHAHAHAHA.

i actually sent this to scott so he would know i meant it in good humor and not as a way to start some kind of weird internet drama war.


You just keep blogging as much as you blog because I like your blog because you DO update frequently. I wish more of the bloggers I follow would update at the frequency, and depth, that you update!


I always look forward to your posts. I think they are extremely funny, informative, well written, and evenly spaced. Sometimes there's so much on my mind that I really have to resist posting a buttload in one day.

I'm glad I found your blog, keep posting :)

Ky •

I've thought about this SO many times, too.

1. Blog everyday. I'd read it. Blog six times a day. I'd still read it.

2. I cannot STAND when, "business bloggers" tell the world how to blog just because they have several uber-great SEO reports. Shut up.

Me? I personally like to have at least ONE post a day during the week. Weekends are mine and blogging is 100% optional.

I LOVE seeing how my analytics increase on Mondays (for Lila Lunes.) I feel like I owe it to my readers and friends to keep the ball rolling... and let's not forget, I love it.

(Whew. This was long.)

That said - if you stopped blogging and only spoke to us every six weeks I'd be TERRIBLY upset.


You don't tell ME what to do internet. I love that line. You tell 'em and you tell 'em good!


Geez, I'm away from the interwebs for a day and look at all the fun I miss!!

My dearest grumblies (loved that, btw), please post as often as you want. Remember the tweet I sent you about being COMPLETELY unproductive because of your archives? Yeah, I could read anything you wrote for hours, as has been proven by my history. I won't ever get tired of you. In fact, if you ever don't feel like blogging, EMAIL us, and I'll be even happier (because then it IS a post just to us). :)


wrestling kitties

I say it shouldn't matter AT ALL. People should blog as little or as much as they want. It is suppose to be a fun personal thing, right?! So why should there be guidelines. When I am in the mood I will blog amore and when I am not in the mood I will blog less. We shouldn't feel any pressure. And personally I will read your blog posts because I very much enjoy the way you write and think and the fact you SAY what so many of us are thinking! I may not get to read your blog every day, but if you post it I will read it!

Keep doing what you are doing!!


I actually DO agree with that dude. I think you CAN over post (not YOU you, but, you know, ONE). BUT - and this is a big BUT - if your content is really, really good (and I would argue yours is) then it's ok.

I unsubscribe or just stop reading blogs where I'm inundated with crap. If it's smart and easily readable, I'm all over it, no matter how many posts there are.

I think what some of the other commenters point out re: Pioneer Woman or Design*Sponge is just that: those bloggers have interesting, easily read posts and they're relatable and interesting.

Personally, I like to post 2-3 days so each post I write (especially if I've put a lot of myself into it) can marinate with my readers. I want interactions and comments and I found that if I rapid-fire posts, sometimes I lose the interactions. People don't seem to know whether they should comment on my heavy or light post. (That reminds me, I tend to mix it up - I don't want to be heavy post after post after post. I like to mix it up and keep it well-balanced. At least, that's my goal).

(Good lord, this is a long reply. hehe.)

Anyway, keep up the good work and don't worry about a thing. You've got a good groove going.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

I have reader fatigue...but not because of you. Because I keep losing track of time and getting sidetracked instead of actually reading the blogs I truly enjoy. UGH, just finally now getting through my Google Reader, can you tell?

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