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May 4, 2010

after last week's events i'm more than a little glad to return to my plain ol' blogging life.  not that i didn't love love love kindness and karma week (contest! go enter!), but i was feeling all kinds of pressure to actually have, you know excellent content or something.  whereas when i write about jude and movies and dogs and taking pictures of flowers, you know, the personal stuff, i get to write whatever i want.  no pressure, no worries.  so i'm ready for a return to blogging about boring things.  sorry to you.  i pass the torch of superhuman mommyblogging on to someone else.  i'm not cut out for it.  every time i look at my feedburner and dream of fame feel free to remind me of that horrible aching pressure and i'll run back to you, my quiet little friends, with open arms and a big pile of brownies.

over the weekend my parents came to visit the dear littlest jude and we went over to the krohn conservatory and gardens.  let's be honest here: it's a plant museum.  i get this whole crazy-camera-taking-photos thing straight from my dad so he brought his camera too and we look lots of lovely pictures of flowers that will now sit inside my external hard drive doing absolutely nothing.  ready?

jude vs. plants, round one

learning about plants and "gentle touch"


like father like daughter

like father like daughter.

if you care to look at lovely but boring pictures of flowers and butterflies, you can check out the full set here.



Pretty!! I wanna go now.


Ooh, lovely pics.

Sarah W

Oooh, brownies.

Love the photos too. :)

Sarah @ OneStarryNight

LOVE the photos, especially the butterfly, just amazing!


That is so sweet. I like that your Dad passed his love of photography along to you. The blue butterfly picture is great!


oh, i miss krohn. those are incredibly beautiful photos. course i'm a nerd and like pictures of butterflies and plants, too. :)


Oooh - I want your camera! Or your talent! Or I guess..BOTH!!

wrestling kitties

Oh, how pretty! And Jude seems very interested in the plants :)

Have I mentioned how envious of your camera and picture taking abilities I am. Yes? Well that is because I LOVE YOUR CAMERA! Those pictures are great.

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