the world's happiest prisoner

May 11, 2010

yesterday jude got to ride in the cart at the grocery store for the first time. you'd have thought i bought him another puppy, that kid was so happy. (and yes, i am incredibly paranoid and wiped the entire cart down with sanitizing wipes first).  and i know, i know, the beer isle.  you all told me all about it on twitter.  what do you expect, i do belong to a club called the blogger BEER summit.  but if you look in the cart there are other perfectly reasonable items in there like not-too-white milk, bread, a bell pepper, and a can of corn.  there just weren't so many people pushing past us in the beer isle.  and look!  how!  HAPPY!

he's like a little boy and not so much a baby, you know?  in his hoodie and shorts and sittin' around like a real kid.

also, yesterday i mentioned jude's love of dragging his wooden teether across the rails of his crib like a teeny tiny prisoner in jail.  well i remembered i have audio of this!  you might have to turn the sound up a bit, i recorded it with my phone through the monitor.  ready?  it's hilarious:

i'm so glad i remembered i had that and then spent 20 minutes trying to get a signal on my phone so i could email it to myself and then learn to write embedded audio code.  you know, not a pain in the ass at all.  so ENJOY IT.



Ky •

1. I love Jude's hoodie.

2. I wipe down the cart AND carry a cart cover with us to the store? Why? We live in Mexico and in my mind their germs are worse? (odd.)

3. I listened to the audio of the happy prisoner and every time Jude made a squeal, Lila looked around like, "Where? Where is the baby I hear? Are you hiding him?" SO cute.


He looks like he's so proud of himself too! I can't even imagine how much easier grocery shopping must be without a baby attached to your chest.

Just wait until he wants to ride under the cart, on that little metal rack. For some reason that was always so fun as a kid, even though it had to hurt like hell!

Listening to the audio as soon as H wakes up from his nap...can't wait!


He is so happy love it! I love is monkey hoodie too.


OMG SO CUTE! I want to grab his little toes and EAT THEM!

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

Oh wow he's so much more a little person than a little worm-baby!

So cute.


He really is looking like a little boy now! It's amazing how fast they change. Such a great smile, too. Thanks for that pain in the ass effort on "The Prisoner" audio- it made me smile and laugh out loud after a long, hard day :)


That picture makes me happy.

Tory Bers

I was just poking around at different blogs and came across this picture and just had to smile. Thanks for brightening my day!

Sarah W

Man, your kid is cute! I like the beer aisle backdrop - good colors. :)

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

He looks so freakin' proud of himself sitting all up high by himself! Now, his toes, nom nom nom.

Iris Took

He could be a spokesperson for beer - well an illegal spokesperson.

Super cute!

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