yesterday morning...

May 26, 2010

i put jude back into his bed so jon and i could run around getting ready for work.  he usually plays happily in there by himself and chatters away.  when i was all dressed and ready i ducked into his room to scoop him up and whisk him away for his turn to get dressed and...  found this...

baby standing surprise!

oh what's up mama? just chillin' out, looking out the window.
i'm an old pro at this standing thing since... just now.

after congratulating the jude i ran out and i sprinted for my camera and was able to snap these two shots of the jude standing, by himself, for the very first time, before he dove down to retrieve his monkey blanket.

one of the most mind-blowing things about babies is how fast they change. one day? can't stand. next day? standing. and now standing is old hat. since yesterday he now does it at the babysitter (glad i warned her), in the living room, in his bed again this morning, any old time.

babies, man.  just when you think you've figured them out they go and start standing around on you all crafty-style.

"Change is the only constant." ~Heraclitus



I could handle the standing thing, but as soon as it turned into climbing (which was VERY quickly) then I became a little nervous. I repeatedly jumped out of cribs for my mom, so I guess it's only fair that Athena likes to try to break bones daily.

the grumbles

the climbing has already started. i think we're in trouble.

Adam D.

An amusing comment found on an information sheet from the pediatrician at Max's 9-month well visit: "Never underestimate your child's ability to climb."

hand pecked debb

I think his friend Wiz will be telling him to 'git dooooooooowwwwn'

Ky •

I'm smiling...

And so it begins. ;)

Your baby has turned into a small, ALMOST WALKING human. I still can't wrap my brain around the small human in our house.


This first year is truly awe-inspiring.

(I'm sentimental today...)


Aw, big day for Jude and Mama and Daddy! Even if he's all non-chalant (sp?) about it. Way to go, baby boy. Getting your legs under you is a handy skill indeed.


Go Jude! Also, I must admit, those photos made me want another babe...


That's awesome. Hollis is in a TODDLER BED today. TODAY! First time ever!! I swear I'm on the verge of tears...

Also, the curtains. LOVE THEM. Where'd you get 'em?

the grumbles

they are OLD, but i'm pretty sure we got them at urban outfitters. you can't tell from the photo but they are actually velvet. it's ridiculous.


Yay, Jude! I figured it wouldn't be long for him :) Max did that to us, too- just all of sudden standing up one morning when we were in Ohio for Spring Break. I LOVE that you got beautiful pictures.

Might be time to move that crib- we had to move ours further from the window when Max started trying to pull down the curtains :)

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

What pretty pictures! Go Jude!


How thoughtful of him to pose so perfectly by the window with the beautiful streaming light coming through. That's a smart boy you have!

Written Permission

I LOVE his expression. "Hm? What's that? Just standing. Ho-hum."

Love it.


I was uber excited for the standing and walking, I'll admit. I wasn't all nostalgic for the "stay a baby forever" thing. We've got pics of first stand and video of first steps; we totally lucked out. I was just excited for a mobile kiddo. I know, I'm crazy. But it's so much fun.

Yay Jude!

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