dear jude · month nine

June 10, 2010

dear mr the jude,

this month has changed our world by leaps and bounds.  it was like i was just starting to get comfortable with what you wanted and needed and BAM–

whatcha doin' dad?

everything changed.

you are now a confident stander.  you pull yourself up on anything and everything and just hang out.  the coffee table we bought when we were baby-less is now proving to be less than ideal with it's stair-stepping levels.  i don't mind so much when you use them to sit at the table, it's when you use them to climb ONTO the table that i have to roll my eyes and scoop you up and distract you with something else.

scaling mount table

yeah seriously. if you could stop this that would be great.

it's been a big month of communication.  where as last month you would just babble along now the words you say back to use sound suspiciously... word-like.  and you say MAMA!  i would be more excited about it except it's not so much a request as a DEMAND.  MAMAMAMAMAMAAAA!!! you scream at me at the top of your lungs while you flail your arms around.  no one else will do.

what separates the men and the boys?

we've been practicing your baby sign language and you carefully watch.  you tear ass around the yard at signing 'milk'.  you know the sign for 'more' but you won't do it, you just say m-m-m-m-mmmmmmooooo!! m-m-m-m-m-mooooo!.  mostly at eating time.  because you're an awesome eater all of a sudden!  i think you must be hungry.  in the evenings we all sit down and eat dinner together and you get to try a few pieces of whatever we're having.  you like hummus, carrots, and bitter cheeses art gallery openings.  but you're still a hearty nurser.  you take your milks seriously.

you're a ridiculous giggly person. you laugh at everything.
cats? hilarious! bang? hilarious!  falling? hilarious!

you're obsessed with drinking out of a cup.  we usually give you a cup to play with in the bath and you scoop up the water with it over and over and guzzle down water.  i don't think you're thirsty, you just get so excited to be using a cup.

in past months i could squarely put you in the baby category.  this month you distinctly became more of a little person.  you listen and talk, and play and smash, and stand and explore.  you sat on the table by yourself at the doctor's office and looked so confident and calculating.



you continue to be the quiet zen watcher and i'm realizing that it's probably going to stick around and be your personality.  WHICH IS AWESOME.  always observing.  you're slow to do something until you've figured it out completely and you can kick its ass.  you want to master your tasks before you complete them.  and i can respect that, it's very like me.

Thanks aunt biz!

sometimes i regret how far away you are from the little cuddly bean we brought home.  but mostly not.  i like watching you do new things– i like watching your brain puzzle out problems.  i like learning bits about who you're really going to be.  i like that you've thrust aside your comfy monkey blanket for the stuffed RAT your dad bought you when you were still in there cooking.


i do not like following you around all the time so you don't fall on your face.  so work on the standing and walking, kid.

it was an excellent month.  next month will be better.



ps- oh yeah, and the stats: 9 months | 28.75 inches | 21.10 pounds
pss- and i apologize for the camera phone photos.  we've been on the go, yo!


Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

Look MA! I have a hat!


Ky •

Sweet baby boy.

#1. I love those thighs.
#2. I love that we got to hear Jude giggle.
#3. I feel that your son wears hats well.
#4. Well done.

That is one cute baby boy.

wrestling kitties

I concur....that is one damn cute baby! I can't believe how big he is getting already. He is such a little man!

The picture of him in the hat = AWESOME!

and that giggle, oh that is the best sound :)

Please note if I ever meet little Jude I will most likely have to kiss those cheeks a ridiculous amount of times as they are Irresistible!!!

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