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June 1, 2010

the kindness and karma week contest winners, Sarah and Penelope, finally received their prizes in the mail this week.  (apologies ladies, i'm slow.)  and, though i'm thrilled with how they turned out, they were a little... weirder than what Ashley won. what can i say, i was inspired!  i'm no painter, so forgive me these transgressions that i thrust upon ye:

Horace is hungry.

horace is hungry
5 x 9 acrylic paint and mixed media on board

Horace is waiting.

horace is waiting
8 x 5 acrylic paint and mixed media on board

so... sorry for the weird. but he makes me happy, the little guy does. and i hope they bring joy to you too.  i've always secretly wanted to be an illustrator, so thank you for letting me live out my tiny dreams through you.

included was a new mix- the 'it's fucking FOLK up in here' mix, because shamed as i may be i think i like folk music now.  those avett brothers, they've stole my heart.  i'm so, so sorry.  i'll push off my new obsession on to each of you.

each lady also won a set of gorgeous debossed thank you cards donated by Debb at Hand Pecked:

... i wanted to keep them to myself, but i figured i owed you for the weird paintings.
that's what this was all about, right? sharing the love?

speaking of weird art that i made, jon and i have a piece in an upcoming gallery exhibition that opens friday night.  it's the first show i've done in.... oh forever, like four years?  i swore off the gallery scene after art school because i truly hate all those douchebags and their bullshit mc snottery, but a friend is putting on the show and jon talked me into it.  if you're in the area please feel free to stop by the opening at the museum gallery and show us some love, i'll be nervously hating everyone.  i wish so dearly that you could all travel to join us and i could have my full internet-friend crew there, but alas, i make friends with far away homes.

(don't worry your darling face about it, i'll take pictures)

all this week don't forget to enter the bamboobies nursing pad giveaway!
enter for yourself or for a friend through this friday at noon.

will you come again? it’s hard to say.

i surely hope so.

her grumbliness



Betsy B. Honest

dude, those are awesome!

hand pecked debb

Thanks for the shout out!

I'm sure you saw this awesome art hack a couple of months ago right? http://nickholmes.tumblr.com/post/482197641 I'm trying to convince a navy friend he needs to do that to his ugly naval battle painting someone got him.

the grumbles

yes! i saw it! i have many plans of hitting up flea markets so i can do things like that. HILARIOUS.


I really do wish I could go with you, roll my eyes, and talk about jerks with you.

Sarah W

I heart your weirdness, seriously. :)


I feel SO special to have won! The amazing painting is hanging proudly in my bedroom. I love it! I've been listening to the music all weekend and on tonight's to-do list? Writing thank-yous on those sweet cards.

Thanks again!!

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

Love love love love the octo man.

I will send my internet love to you for your gallery opening. Fuck all them and their snobby ways. Your internet peeps have got your back.

hand pecked debb

I can't wait to see the pics from the gallery. Best of luck, I truly wish your show was a lot closer.


I love Horace! I'd be there for your opening if we were in town. I've been to many of these things with friends as moral support. Alcohol helps. Remember that you are an older and wiser mama now and none of the haters mean a damn thing to you.


You amaze me every time! Those paintings are seriously so awesome! Good luck with the show, can't wait to see pictures!


I'm a folk music junkie so should you need some mix suggestions....I'll be glad to help force my hippie style upon you. Also, those paintings are totally bad ASS. When I have kids, will you do the artwork for their room? Can you paint a sea turtle? Then, when all the kids are ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your work and how they can get it, I can just say "Sorry Charlie - that is specially designed by Auntie Jamie!!"

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

Wait, what's the difference between debossed and embossed?

the grumbles

(debossing pushes the shapes down into the front of the paper, embossing pushes them up from the back side.)

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