it was a strange day

June 7, 2010

blogger has been down from sunday evening through most of today.  i found myself frantically searching for news about blogger's status on twitter and kept seeing tweets like, "oh boo hoo! just go outside and take a walk" and, "who cares if blogger is down! just blog later!"


i need to blog about it NOW!  i started out thinking... if i don't post no one will love me anymore!  which progressed to... if i don't post, everyone will think i am dead!  which progressed to... my people!  must talk to my people!  friends withdrawal!

someone commented that we should all just go calm down and do something else, it's not like they cut off our right arm.  you are my right arm.  without you i just don't know what to do with myself.  you may officially check me in to bloggers anonymous.

i even resorted to posted on facebook, FACEBOOK of all places, to get my friends fix.  (speaking of, if you are not already you should like this blog on facebook, that way the lines of communication can never be broken between us again.)  and through our facebook chatter i have now changed my facebook group picture to THIS:

you would understand if you were THERE.  it's been a long day without you, ok?

i've been considering switching to my own host and server service but i held off because i was afraid that my page might go down or i would be unable to post.  i thought i was safer from outages if i stuck with the big guy for a little longer.

hah.  hah.

blogger is laughing at my foolishness.

so now in place of the previously scheduled post about our art opening you get this crazy caffeine-fueled whateverthisis.  did you know that one cup of coffee to a nursing person who has given up caffeine is like pure crack cocaine?  and did you know that the phrase 'crack cocaine' while really fun to say is totally of nonsensical, because we don't call it 'blow cocaine' or 'snow cocaine' or 'cocaine cocaine'.  from now on i'm just going to say i'm on drugs drugs.  the java coffee kind.



Lauren @ Hobo Mama

I was on drugs drugs yesterday. I poured myself some leftover 2-liter soda from our party (our supa-cool ninja party — all right, not really, just a normal ninja party) and realized after 3 glasses it was Pepsi MAX. Which I take, from the jitters and everything going into fast motion, means it has maximum caffeine. And/or amphetamines.

Glad to hear the Blogger thing was resolved. I remained somehow untouched. I knew sleeping my way to the top would work in my favor!


Hahaha. Glad you (we) are all back! I still remember the first day I had a cup of coffee after H was born. I felt like a whole new person. I'm sure H was thinking, "Oh Hell Yeah!" Caffeine laced breast milk? Mmmmm.

Ky •

See, now this is so weird. I was able to get on blogger ALL day yesterday and all day today. (I kept checking.)

I know you don't want to hear this - but I feel that I must brag about it since I rarely get to partake in the same websites that ya'll in the States do.

10 points for Mexico!

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

Come here love, let me hold you.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

I just adore your blog buttons! You're so crafty lady.


Awesome blog button, lady.


Wordpress FTW! LOL.


Wordpress is FTW, my hosting company is pretty solid. It never goes down and I never have issues!

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