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June 21, 2010

everyone in the world right now has their father's day post up and frankly i'm a little tired of reading about how everyone likes their husbands.

so, now i'm going to write about how i like my husband. ok?

the feet i love

{don't look, bizzie, it's feet.}

oh, the feet that i love. jon was gone all last week and it was my first taste of single-parenting for more than a day at a time. it was fine, we survived, the house was tidy and everyone was happy and fed. but– i missed jon. it's quite a change to go from 50% parenting to 100% parenting. it was never more clear that jon is a hands-on in-the-thick-of-it dad than when he suddenly... wasn't there. not there to cover me when i had to run and pee, not there to cook dinner while i supervised the jude crawling around the room, not there in the morning to feed the dogs while i pack our bags.

jon and jude

wee little one month old jude and one month dadded jon.

i sometimes feel tired. i am the MOM and i do so much work, can you feel how busy and important i am? this was a reality check that jon also, does SO much work. we're a team and he literally shoulders half the responsibilities with me.  i'm not good at cutting jude's nails or putting him to bed, those are jon jobs.  he's always there to help with the jude, to make him laugh and hold his hand and change his pants.  he's evidently very important.  (how did that happen?)

so anyway, we survived fine by ourselves, but i really missed him.  jon, you were very missed.  as a dad, yes, but mostestly because i like to be around you.  besties.  GO TEAM!

it was quiet and lonely and i had no one to talk to (who uses words). nico sleeps and bang just sits there.


she's not much for conversation.




Awe :) I like this post.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

So sweet. Peter is totally hands on too! There are things, like baths, that I never ever do. That's his thing. Just like the trips to the park when he gets home from work so I can have an hour or so allllllllllll alone!


This is so nice. I know how you feel :) Can't imagine doing it all alone and just when I get all bitchy and stressed and hink, "Ugh, I'm having to do evvvverything around here" he'll do/say something that makes me realize I can be such a drama queen. :)


oh, and hink = think. cool, huh?


Love this.

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