the littlest yo

June 23, 2010


so... hi! i'm really good at this now.
like... walking around sometime maybe.  just so you know.


sometime between last week and this week.... BAM.  a little boy happened.  i mean, he's still a baby, but not a... flop around do nothing infant-type baby.  well, technically he hasn't been that for a long time.

...but look at what a little BOY he is, you know what i mean?!


i can do this.  and many other interesting things.  hello toes.


hello dad.


not without my radioooooo.


always on the go now, that child.  crafting his next move.


hello tiny human pal.  what are you doing to my house?


i'm not really sure.  but i really like to hold on to it like this... for many minutes at a time.


they're becoming fast friends.  as stupidly annoying as that dog is she does have two amazing traits.  first- she was potty trained in a flash.  and second- she is incredible with the jude.  she lets him climb all over her, take toys from her mouth, and follows him from room to room like a little brown chaperone.  she'll carry over her toy, lay down next to him, and let him very slowly play tug with her.  she gets a D- in life but an A+ in babies.  she loves children.


i don't know why all of a sudden this week he seems so much more grown up. i know it's a gradual process but then it seems like all of a sudden it runs up and smacks you in the mouth. HELLO, I AM HERE NOW AND I AM THE GROWING UP QUICKLY. LET'S GO HAVE FUN.

and we are.



hand pecked debb

I love that Bang and Jude are about the same size and scoot around with their wrinkles together. Too cute.


So THAT'S the pen he hangs on to and screams. He's adorable. He really is.


I think it was all the different tastes of the world that he experienced this weekend - Panara, Vietnamese, Cajun ... He's become a child of the world!



I can't believe how big he is getting! It makes me excited and scared for Dani to get that big.

Jay has the same radio, and he carries it around with him, too!

Ky •


I looked at that first picture and said, "Omg. Jude's a boy. Oh. my."

What was in the breastmilk this week, lady!?

(What a cutie pie.)

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

I can't believe how big he's getting. A little boy for sure. It really does sneak up on you! They're helpless little babies, for what feels like forever, then all of a sudden they're KIDS!

They way he plays with the dog is just precious.


Oh Mama! This is where it really gets fun!

He looks ready to run.


lmao, your commentary for these are hilarious. he is just so cute :)

Canis Majoris

Aw. I love your dog! Oh, kid's cute, too. I love it when a kid has such a great "baby-sitter." That's too sweet.


oh that first picture is the killer. he really is on the verge... you can see that cute little boy face taking over the baby face now. i remember looking at max like that after spring break and thinking "what the hell happened to my baby! he's big! he's a big boy!" somehow it does all continue to sneak up on us- and it does get more and more fun and challenging in different ways every month. the toddler years are upon us :)


Congrats! Huge milestone. Also? The dog has no idea what's about to hit him :-) And I love your pics!

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

This line is perfect,

D- in life but an A+ in babies

I think his smashing overalls don't hurt at all in the growing up and looking like a little man department. Tiny adult clothes are too precious for words.

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