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June 2, 2010

the holiday weekend gave me three long wonderful days at home with the jude.  days filled with playing and napping and baby's first pool time.  but i have to say- playing with a 9 month old baby?  not really that fun.  i'm having a great time, and don't get me wrong, i'm down on the floor in the trenches for the climbing and pulling and slamming the block on the floor over and over, but... it's not particularly entertaining for big adult people.

i find myself mostly following him around the room like a little spotter to make sure he doesn't topple backwards onto something painful because the room is 'baby-proof' but not 'fall-down-all-the-time-proof'.  if i find myself feeling confident he will undoubtedly fall forward instead of backward and catch himself with his face.  just to keep me in check and make sure i'm paying attention.  CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

i'm looking forward to games.  to legos and blocks, building and creating, and less constant desire to escape.  then again, once he can walk... the escaping never ends, does it?  i think jude has already proven himself an explorer and he's probably not going to change any time soon.  i'm attempting to prepare myself for lots of running and climbing.  it's a bit of an adjustment because i was a quiet sedentary child, happy to play by myself under the table for several hours at a time.


jon found him like this during nap, face down and butt in the air
with both sides of his diaper undone. ridiculous.

after a long day of standing and exploring i'm tired of being climbed like the monkey bars and grabbed and pulled and scraped.  he is very.... boy.  SLAM SMASH RUN ESCAPE DESTROY.  he can zero in on any electrical cord in a ten foot radius and any pair of glasses on a nearby face.  even when he nurses now he is on the go- he's in and out of that shit in 5 minutes flat.  he has places to be, people to crawl away to, miss bang to grab.  he's not so much into the cuddling and never has been.  too busy being the zen watcher.  there's a world out there to observe.

all weekend he screamed MAMAMAMAMAMAMAAA!! every time i would walk away.

lately i've found that my most treasured part of the day is the mr. jude nightcap.  we wake him up when we go to bed and he lays down with us for his midnight snack and curls up right where he belongs, between my shoulders and my knees, drowsy and snugly and tired from a busy day.  he rolls over when he's done eating sighs like he just doesn't have the energy to crawl away any more.  he closes his eyes, curls in close, and sucks his thumb and dozes off with our faces so close together.

all this activity is exhausting.  can't we just sit quietly and read a book?  no?




you hear that?

that's the sound of millions of ovaries exploding the world over. that picture is too much.

If it makes you feel any better, W likes to basically scale walls and repel from the ceiling fan. I WAS an active gogogo kid, and I still have trouble keeping up some days! Buckle up Mama, he's gettin his land legs!


My ovaries definitely exploded. They did.


Lol! See?? All this testosterone is enough to drive a mama to the nearest salon for a spa day. But he is so cute. And I love when my baby cuddles up at night to snuggle. Jude and baby E. are the same age.
Also, you will be a jungle gym even when he's old enough to play with legos. I am the bridge for the cars to cross in Lego playtime.


How how I love bed cuddle time. Dozing off face to face is just wonderful.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

That photo is priceless.


That picture is so great!! Constant vigilance... lol...


Oh my god that is the best picture! Lady, I am having the same feelings with Mr. Max every day. He is also the constant mover- not so much a snuggler these days. He's hilarious and fun, but also exhausting. He scales the wall and walks along now. I think it's not long before both of us have walkers. Woohoo! My friend described it as being like a Buster Keaton movie- lots of pratfalls, but with more crying. I feel you.


oh my god that photo of the undone dipaer is amazing! i only hope to find my baby in that pose. i would die of laughter!

perhaps you know of this gal; i just discovered her today. her writing style reminds me a bit of yours. good times.

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh my gosh that photo is TOO much! And I absolutely love this post.



i hear you, mama.

Ky •

I love that photo.


This is too adorable!

I remember those days. Chasing them around just trying to make sure they didn't get hurt.

Love it.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

That picture kills me!
Can I tell you how jealous I am of your cuddle time at night. Alexa is either actively nursing...or doesn't want to be touched AT ALL while she sleeps *sigh*

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