a new baby trick

June 14, 2010

over the weekend jude and i were hanging out on the couch right after he ate.  he was just sitting on my lap fiddling with my teething necklace having some quiet time.  (it's this necklace, and it's amazing) he loves that damned necklace and if i'm wearing it he's always trying to get to it and put it in his face no matter what else is going on.

but this time i could see the little wheels in his head turning.  he chewed on it.  and stopped and thought.  and chewed on it.  and stopped and thought.  then he reached out and put it in my mouth for me to chew on.  and i said ar ar ar and pretended to chew and he erupted in giggles.

so we have a new game.  some teether for me, some teether for you.

every step we take towards talking and walking and playing makes me want to jump up and down.  i'm watching all the friends around us whose kids are just a few months older with walking-talking-playing envy.  it's SOCLOSE i can taste it people.  i can only hope it will be as satisfying as it seems.  i just love every leap in our communication skills so damned hard.

sweet, jude, now you can share!

bath time

...but you still fit in the sink.
so you're not too grown up, yet.



Canis Majoris

Oh my! What a fabulous, chubby baby!!!! Enjoy this while you can because even though the walky, talky playing thing is fun, it all just goes by too fast! Take it all in every step of the way.


Wow, my mom commented before me. Cool.

Love that picture. I want to eat his arms. But I tell you that like weekly.


Yay for sharing! Max just gave me his sleepy bunny to chew on the other day :)
I feel the same way you do- can't wait for the easier communication (instead of the yelling (mamamamamamamamamamamamama! all the time) We keep signing to him also, but he's only maybe done "eat" and "all done"- but I could be projecting :)


Yummy chubby baby! Jude is theee cutest kid, oh my god. I love it when they discover new tricks :)

Ky • twopretzels.com

Oh, oh, oh! It's getting more and more fun isn't it?! I'm so excited for you. I love when you make an actual connection. You don't doubt it. It's intentional and perfect.

I'm happy for you.

emily bilbrey

VERY sweet post! doesn't your heart just swell with pride when you literally watch them learn something new? what a little doll he is - sweet rolls of chub hunkered down in a good old-fashioned kitchen sink bath! he is so awesome. oh, and i love that grass drying rack! i've almost bought it at target like 11 times! (-;

thanks for the cute post, this totally put a smile on my face.


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