pink and fluffy and spicy and on fire

June 9, 2010

friday night was our gallery opening.  jon and i submitted a piece to By Way of Apology, a show at the Museum Gallery.  it marked my return to actively showing work after more than four years.  after school i ran screaming from the art scene.  the people.  the pretension.  the poorly made crap.

i just didn't have the stomach to sit around and listen to "artists" bullshit about some junk that a gradeschooler could make.  if you have to put a paragraph of explanation next to your work?  you didn't do a good job.  if your work is dirty and looks like crap don't bother trying to tell me that you did it on purpose.  it's because you're either lazy or don't know what you're doi– you didn't come here to listen to why i fled the art world.  let's get on to the stuffins.

pink and fluffy and spicy and on fire

pink and fluffy and spicy and on fire
mr and mrs the grumbles
mixed media

pink and fluffy and spicy and on fire

we wrote two letters. jon wrote one to me, and i wrote one to him, each apologizing for the travesty that is... miss bang.  you can read them here and here, though they aren't really very important.

and we placed them just so.
in order to read them you are forced to enter... the bangerang danger zone. that's right, i'm forcing you to interact with our terrible dog, who in true bang form jumped and licked and attacked and ran around like the little monster she is.  we have one good dog, i swear.  it's just not that brown one there.

blocking the "art"

art... attack!

some of my favorite parts were watching the most very serious art snobs trying to pretend she didn't exist. why are art people so resistant to the idea that something can be both impactful AND fun?

sneak ATTACK!

many people have a hard time understanding post-post-modern art. so let's talk a little bit about what this means. it's experiential art, it's a performance to be watched. but like everything else, paintings, sculpture, photos, it's communicating a time, thought, and emotion. for a few short minutes you know exactly what it means to live with this... thing. the cutest love and the baddest bad.

i just want to share a little piece of what it is to know and love and hate a bangerang. the letters? well they're simply a ruse to get you in close. and then you know. and then you're sorry, just like we are.

the best day of her whole life

it was the greatest day of her entire life.
she was petted! she chewed up a woman's purse! she attacked with love and crazy!

happiness and love

a good time was had by all.
i enjoy making art people just a little bit uncomfortable.
it's really all about... making fun of them. and sharing a little bit of my own perspective.

ignorance is bliss

i never got the memo that art had to be so very serious.
if it's not pretty it had better be fun.

rope attack

more photos here.



hand pecked debb

I'd so get a non farm dog like Bang if I didn't have lil chickens but I also can't quite work stable hours at day job to own a great pyranese.

Remember how Bang interacted with the baby birds? You might have to keep the chickens away from Bang as chickens fright easily and can die of fright.


I LOVE the letters you wrote to each other.

I once had a regretful dog purchase that I loved dearly. I miss that regretful purchase every day I'm awake.


I lovelove your letters.

Great idea!! I don't think art has to be so very serious either. Nice work.

hand pecked debb

PS Jude is so cute, can you put him on the ground with a piece of paper on his back saying "made by Jamie and Jon?"

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

I love her. If you need a vacation from her Bangness, please ship her to WA. I'm sure Miss Oly will give her a run for her money.

Ky •

See, now I always thought English bulldogs were muy inteligente.

Our Nattie was crazy-smart. However, she was ridiculously lazy. Like, could only make it around ONE block on a walk (at a snail's pace) lazy...

Yay for you making art fun. And I loved your fun typography in your letter to jon.

(My husband is an artist and going to his shows used to drive me nuts. Not because of his pieces, which ARE PHENOMENAL - but because of the pretentious ridiculous stuff that others sometimes made and then would take six years to explain. Such a fickle world that art world...)

the grumbles

you all only see the good stuff. yesterday i kept walking through the living room and thinking hmmm, something in here smells odd.

an hour later i was determined to find out what the mystery smell was. i sniffed around the room in circles until i located POOP in a puddle of vomit on the couch.

i have a stomach of steel and the smell when i cleaned it up made me gag. i had to walk away.



i LOVE the entire concept, the letters, brilliant, the dog, perfect!


What an awesome and original idea! And isn't that what art is all about? Originality? Sucks that some people didn't "get it".

Love the picture of you and Jude!!

Jen Rizzo

My word, J, you look absolutely stunning in the photo with Jude. Enough that I am leaving my very first non-lurky comment and telling you so. XO :)


Love this!! And to think, when I'd written my "I'm not qualified to comment on any shows, be they art or dog" statement on my blog I was funning, but here you are with BOTH. Bravo. As I said, I'm not qualified to make a snooty educated comment, but I guess you're open to a "Looks like Fabulous Fun was had!" comment. :-)

the grumbles

thank you, jen! it is my new favorite picture. i don't get to be in too many since i'm usually the one holding the camera.

wrestling kitties

This is awesome!!! I think it is fun making people uncomfortable and stepping out of their "comfort zone" and watching their reactions to the situation....seriously love it!!

This whole thing is just great and I am glad you are stepping back into the art, very cool!

A.C. Frabetti

I actually never even saw the dog! How embarrassing! Even when people asked me what I thought of the dog in the other room, I didn't realized I had missed something. It must have been tuckered out or something while I was there...Or maybe I was...

the grumbles

AC Frabetti, i love that you found this. that just made my day.

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

That is marvelous. You have inspired me to run frolicking and laughing through the next art museum I go to. Forget the poses of practiced ennui!

I thought part of the exhibit would involve little piles of dog doots everywhere in that corner.

I love that she can't control her face-parts. I hear ya.

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