this calls for a celebration

June 22, 2010

yesterday i was having a crappy day.  nothing interesting, just a junky monday, the kind we all have once a month or so.  jon called me on my phone at my desk, "i sent you an email, i gotta go click!"  well ok then.  except of course he sent it to my old email address and not my new one so i had to log out, log back in, blah blah blah.  and when i finally got there his email began:  i see from your twitter that you are having a bad day.  let's eat pizza and have vampire tv night instead of going to the grocery.  and so we watched the new true blood and 30 days of night.

now why the hell does this call for celebration?  30 days of night is our very first movie closet challenge dvd.  not vhs tape, not series, not tv show, actual fucking movie dvd.  from here on out it's movie after movie baby.  we can cruise right thought these suckers.  (don't know what the hell i am talking about? go here)

did you know that we've been at this for 141 DAYS?  this is a long road we're walking down.  sometimes crawling down.  hopefully now we can find a pace and make some consistent progress.

i failed to update you when we watched the first two seasons of the original transformers cartoon.  it was better than some things we've watched, i'll give it that.  there was one episode in particular where the transformers saved the washington monument and then fought a race of sea-people on an island.  yeah, that cartoon doesn't make any sense.  AT ALL.  it's kind of awesome, really, because i like things that don't make any sense.

but, last night we put on our party hats (actually, we just drank cans of pbr with our breadsticks) and watched lots of bloody gore.  and i enjoyed every minute of it.  suckers.



the grumbles

and just for bradshaw...

before you point out that these next few movies aren't in alphabetical order by genre, we put the most gory un-baby-appropriate movies up top where he won't be able to reach them. so the next few will be out of order for the love of gore/sex/violence.

though for some reason showgirls isn't up there... nope, checked the list. it's at the very very end because it's on a separate even higher shelf.


Aidan loves original Transformers cartoon!

Also, you have an excellent husband. :)

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

True Blood is God's gift to man, in sexy vampire form.

robyn anne

i just stumbled on your blog. i love your candid take on life :)
and if it makes you feel better my husband and i went out to dinner last night, just the TWO of us, for the first time in a VERY long time. years. like easily 3 maybe 4.
it was so nice!

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