wordy wednesday

June 30, 2010

lots of bloggers seem to participate in wordless wednesday, whatever the hell that is.  all i know is that i show up at their place hoping for a post and get a photo.  also, i don't know the wordless whatever rules but isn't it kind of cheatery to photoshop words onto your photo?  or write a big paragraph?  maybe i'm not understanding the purpose.  feel free to explain it to me in the comments if you "get it".  not write?  implossible.  i've always felt captioning the action in the photos was the best part.

no no, only kidding.  go on with your wordless wednesday you photo weirdos.  you know i love you.

i can haz gojira jude! all your laundry baskets are belong to me!

no seriouzly guys, i'm going to destroy your laundry basket with smashing. also? your will and determination to open and close your hand over and over again and yell YAYAYAYAY!

i'm on the move, searching high and low (mostly low) for contraband items.

what do you MEAN don't put this dog toy in my mouth,
why do you keep saying that?!

the smallest of bedtimes

i'm zoned.  being the judezilla is so very tiring. cruise ya later, jerks.



Adam Claxon

"cruise ya later, jerks," is how I'm signing all correspondence from now on. So much awesome.




Lovelovelove. He's too cute. Though I'm still picturing him with Don King hair every time I am sad. :)


i love judezilla smashing laundry basket! also, adam is right- "cruise ya later, jerks" is SO MUCH AWESOME! trying to figure out how to use it in daily life, but i work with 6-9 year olds :p

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

HAHA love the Godzilla reference! We totally call Alexa that when she swoops in the knocks down EVERY DAMN THING we build for her!

I agree with you, captions are the best part of the photos sometimes! BTW, that "so called dog toy" of yours kinda looks like something else **I'm 12**

the grumbles

(@amber... you're not the first to mention that the black thing looks like something... else. i'm so used to thinking of it as a dog toy i never even thought about it. um, whoops. i assure you, it is a water retrieving toy, used to have a rope on it but they chewed it off)

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