July 20, 2010

•  we bought jude a rubber ball for 89¢.   his entire life is now complete.  he was only waiting for this ball, so he can wrap his arms around it and chase it around the living room.  pure joy, he haz it.

•  sunday night just before bed jude was sitting on my lap after he nursed and he leaned over and drank out of my dunkin' donuts straw.

...no, i didn't give him coffee! what kind of terrible parent do you think i am?! just kidding, but no, it was really only water.

•  but did you catch that?  kid can drink out of a straw.  like adult people.  AMAZING!

•  and saturday, jon was giving him a bottle of milks, and he said, "mo-more ba-ba!" whaaaaat?  more bottle?   you got it kid.

•  when does it stop being amazing that they can tell you things?   because teh awesomesauce isn't wearing off yet.



it doesn't!

hand pecked debb

I won't believe you till you put up videos to prove it.

the grumbles

ha, ok debb, what part and i'll work on it. ball, straw, or yelling MORE MORE MORE?

hand pecked debb

they all sounds way too cute. i'm in denial that he's can do all that.

have you ever considered bonsai babies?


I commented on this the other day and now it's gone. Why do you delete me Grumbles? Why do you shun muh loves?

anyways, W now says, "I got this", like, WHA?!?! It NEVER gets old.

the grumbles

dude, i would NOT delete you. must be some kind of blogger error.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

Babies just love balls! Alexa has a growing collection :-)
BTW, on the straw thing. Alexa always liked to grab ours, so I'd let her play with it when I was drinking something. One time, she totally sucked up my soda. I don't think she got any in her mouth, because I yanked it away the second I realized she could really do it! OOOPPPS! I'm a bad mom ;D

Ky • twopretzels.com

Incredible about the straw.

Lila thinks they're hilarious but that they truly have no function.

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