if you've ever wondered...

July 27, 2010

...how i got my name, you can find out today over at happy hopefuls. she's been doing a series of guest posts from bloggers about how they chose their blog names and surprise!  today it's my turn!  if you haven't heard it, it's a decent story.

visit her and read at your leisure, dear readers

in other news, i am continuing to deal with Pumping Table Gate 2010 this morning, as my table has been moved AGAIN, and i have a big deadline looming this afternoon.

so i'll miss you desperately, but my brain will be out of commission for the day.  after i released all my anger into a strongly worded email i have nothing left to give.  only cookies can save me now.

the best parts of me and love to you,
her grumblies




Very interesting! There is always a story I suppose. Personally I love it. You name and the meaning that is. It shows your awesome sense of humour I guess.

The disclaimer at the beginning made me laugh though. Never knew cunt was a bad word I guess... My kids are screwed.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

That totally just changed how I read your banner... AND I love it.

You little cunt, you.


I *never* would have guessed that one!

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

HAHAH I happen to love the word "cunt" so this makes me happy. You crude rude girl :-) Never ever would have guessed either. Count me as one of the ones assuming your blog was about complaining when I first clicked over!

designHER Momma

Fantastic story. I'm always curious how people decide!

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