it's summertime

July 9, 2010

tan feeties

i have flip flop tan...


boy in pool

take that hat

splash splash

water baby

so serious

the most fun



...and my hot peppers are growing.




I LOVE these summertime shots! And Jude is looking oh so cute in all, but I'm especially loving the head cocked to the side, laughing holding hands one.


When I saw the link to this on facebook, it showed the picture of Jude with the hat covering his head. I thought, "Has she put a darth vader mask on Jude in the pool?" Then I saw it was a hat and I have to say I was a little disappointed. Then I saw his cuteness and I was happy again!

Written Permission

That second-to-last picture of the boy is absolutely to die for. How do you not eat him whole on a daily basis? And the tiny fishing hat is fabulous. :)

Sarah W

My gosh, you kid is SO CUTE! I can hardly stand it.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

I always have a flip flop tan too!

And that third to last picture with his arms up and the huge fully body smile, OMG melted my black heart.

hand pecked debb

um if you ever decide to have more kids, can I steal one?


your feet terrify me

wrestling kitties

Someone loves their pool!! How stink'n happy and cute he is :)

(Nice pepper!)

Canis Majoris

What an adorable little smooshy chubster!!! I want to gobble him up.

Flip flop tan here, too.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

HEHE Peter and Alexa both have sandal tans! I'm just pale, or maybe I don't go outside enough? HA!

I am in love with that B&W shot. He looks so serious. Serious baby!

Ky •

I specifically love the third picture from the bottom. SO cute.

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