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July 14, 2010

jude. says. a word.

a word! he says one!

peeeeeeeeeeewwwwww BOOM.  my brain esplode.

sunday during snack we called it official- though he is sometimes more successful than others he says MORE.  apparently all he cares about is eating more foods.  he's been babbling something that sounded pretty close to more for a while now and sunday when i had my back turned in the kitchen and he had run out of snacks he screamed it right at me, MORE, WOMAN!  well, without the woman part.  just MORE.  really loud MORE.

and he signs dog!  mama? dada? no.  you know what's important? that stupid freaking dog.  dog and food, he surely is my child in mind and body.

i have valiantly attempted to video this for you  ....with limited success.  i took SIXTY VIDEOS and came out with three that barely count because every time i would turn my back or put down the camera THEN he would shriek more more more!  curses.  a pox on you, my greasy looking little french child.  so, this is a pitiful effort, but it is what i have to show you:

a word! a word! a word a word a word! this age is great, it is so rewarding to see comprehension dawn in his eyes. even just a little.



I love how he looks at you and his face just seems to say "woman, you're not going to get ME on camera" and then his little eyes just LAUGH at you, like, dude, ridiculous thoughts there.

Hi the Jude!

the grumbles

i think if he could give the video camera the finger, he would.


how awesome is this! oh my god! i love how he pounds the table like, "Bring me more. NOW" Jude is getting cuter and cuter, love those little curls.


Awww! So sweet!! Yay for words Mr. Jude! Its always so frustrating to get them doing something cute on camera isn't it? They ALWAYS stop. Little boogers.


It's so awesome to watch them stop being poop machine and morph into Real Talking Humans.



yay jude! glad to hear that he's signing some, too- even if it is dog :) max has been doing the mo mo mo, too- hasn't gotten out the whole "more" yet, but i love it- maybe we'll get to see you guys while we're here this month :)


#1 - that's my favorite shirt of W's

#2 - he hurts my heart, W sTILL slaps his table for "more" that's the REAL sign girl.

goodness me, i love the Jude so much

Betsy B. Honest

Aw first word! Babies are so good at making one's brain esplode. Cutie cute cute cute.

the grumbles

thanks all, i appreciate the love! i got a "dog" and a "mama" today too. it's spotty but it's coming.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

HEHEHE love it! They all clam up for the camera don't the?

BTW, we're totally voice twins...sounded just like my videos :-)

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