mr. jude and the cup

July 28, 2010

when we figured out last week that jude could drink out of a straw i tweeted about it. and one of my lovely twitter friends (hi amber!) told me to RUN, GO, and get us a sippy cup with a straw, for they are awesome and all that sauce. and we did, because HELLO HOT WEATHER, and the little person has been needing some additional hydration.


oh hai! what's up everybody! the jude here.


i gots me this new fancy cup with a flip up straw.


you wanna see?


i love it.


i really love it.


i really love it.


i really love it.


i really love it.


i really love it.


no really, i really love it.


don't make me prove it to you some more.



hand pecked debb

I proclaim your son a genius. my little cousin could not drink out of a straw till he was five and I used to get frustrated babysitting him and cleaning up juice he dumps over his head because he can't learn the frickin straw.

Jude is so darn cute. please give him a pinch for me.

the grumbles

this post will make a lot more sense if you all go watch this video:


My fucking heart of ice just melted a little.

Damn hormones.


and i REALLY love him! Look at the hair! The eyes! GAH! so presh!

wrestling kitties

Sooooooo, what you are saying is he loves it?!

Way to go little Jude!

Ky •

I'm so impressed. Way to go, Jude.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

HEHE so cute! We still need to get a straw cup! I keep forgetting when we're out. So glad he likes it. Amazing tricks these babies have :-)


I have somehow not acquired a straw cup in my 5 1/2 years of parenting. I have acquired every OTHER kind of cup, so I can't imagine how this happened. Seeing Jude with his, I am beginning to think I must buy one.


Isn't that cup the best? We did the exact same thing when we learned that Aaron could drink from a straw.

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