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July 23, 2010

last night, after the jude's very small bedtime, jon said, "so, ready to watch batman?"  and i was, i really really was.  because the dark knight is amazing.  but when the screen flashed up into being it wasn't batman at all.  it said {press start}.  it was... a new video game.

bestill my heart, blog, i love this man.

it's no secret that video games are my kryptonite.  starbucks and video games.  and fantasy novels {but that's an embarrassment for another day}.  starbucks.  video games.  my happy place.  but, i very rarely go to the happy place and in fact it is one of the rare points of contention in our marriage.  jon does not like video games.  i do not like football.  we do not go to each other's happy places, and since we're always together, that means that no one really gets to go there at all.

except, on rare times like last night, when he takes pity on me and surprises me with a new game.  usually one that he thinks he will be able to tolerate watching for more than ten minutes.  score!

my love of video games isn't pure love of the game though.  it's those special memories i hold; my most beloved childhood times were spent at the feet of the nintendo.  staying up late with friends, solving puzzles, taking turns, eating snacks; all nighters spent drinking dr pepper and racing cars, eating sour straws and fighting zelda bosses; rushing to the computer to cheat because god almighty, i am a champion cheater.  i honestly think those are some of the happiest memories i will ever have.

it isn't just that i love games, though i do.  i love solving puzzles and practicing and mastering new skills.  but i long to recapture those moments of complete joy, time spent with friends united in a sole purpose, laughing and staying up late, hours and hours spent in a row.  you know, things that real adults don't have time to do anymore, connections we are no longer able to make.  it isn't always about the games, it's about the quest to recapture that pure joy and feel just a little slice of it again.

i'm just trying to go to my happy place.

though, exploding things with a rocket launcher is also a pretty happy place.

so, it may be sometimes odd that i'm a girl who loves her xbox, but don't judge me too harshly, blog.  as we have proven time and time again i'm a badass on the outside, softie on the inside.  no matter how many hookers i run over with my new car or souls i commit to hell with death's scythe, i just want to stay up all night with my best friend and laugh, and conquer.

where's your happy place, dearest reader?




Ooh, great post. And Jon is awesome.

I have two happy places. One is around a bonfire with somebody playing guitar while I drink and laugh with friends. I never get sick of that.

The other is by myself in the Starbucks café of Barnes & Noble reading magazines and jotting down ideas.

hand pecked debb

my happy place is kinda sad because of how idiotically simple it is. In Basketball, when the two dudes are sad, they do the happy dance. Seriously, if I'm really angry/sad (not in my car) I can go someplace to hide alone and do that until i crack myself up.

What game did you get? I am horrible at games but I *love* watching them. I am seriously on edge of my seat hanging onto everything American McGee let's on about Alice 2. I really can not wait to get that and make The Dude play it so I can watch first, then turn on God Mode so I can beat the game too.

the grumbles

we got dante's inferno. it is FUN, you travel through the circles of hell led by virgil.

funny story about that, i was googling reviews of the game and someone was complaining that there was some nudity in the game that they didn't want their little brother to see- and everyone was like WHAT THE HELL?! there are SO MANY THINGS in that game that your little brother should not see and boobs are not them. re: hell.

Written Permission

I love that you LOVE your video games. You and T should totally hang out. He has Dante's Inferno and ohhh the drooly lurve. I like video games as long as they're easy for me to master (I'm impatient) and they move quickly (ditto). This one (and God of War -- please tell me you've played that?) was pretty darn cool. Our usual MO with video games we both play: T plays the entire game, then I play it while he tells me all the cheaty stuff so it's easier for me and I don't throw the controller across the room. :)

HOORAY for happy places. I absolutely loved this: "but i long to recapture those moments of complete joy... you know, things that real adults don't have time to do anymore, connections we are no longer able to make." I do grieve that sometimes.

My solo happy place these days: writing while eating a bagel with shmear at Panera. And for the purpose of fostering those connections, sushi and good conversation with girlfriends. LOVE.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

You know what, that middle school/junior high video game high that you talk about is the same thing that makes me love video games.

I think my problem is that each time I try to go back there as an adult is feels so half assed.

Adam and I have had a few good nights of rock band, or even the Wii Mario Cart, but it totally isn't even close to the times you stayed up all night with your cousin trying to beat the last boss on GOOF TROOP.

Yes, my two favorite games in the whole world were for the Super Nintendo, and they were Goof Troop and Donkey Kong.


Ky •

I love that jon knew exactly what to do for you. Now that is one good man.

My happy place? In bed. Clean sheets. With a book. And Ferg at my side.

Oh, it makes me happy just thinking about it.

the grumbles

@WP- yes! we LOVE god of war, and god of war 2. they just came out with god of war three but only for playstation and i am a sony hater.

@ashley- i loved the scooby doo mystery game for super nintendo. i've still never beaten it.

hand pecked debb

A friend just sent me a PDF summary of DI since work black sites containing 'games' (laaaaame). My god that game looks awesome, I'm going to have to buy that as a Homer gift for me to watch, i mean for the dude, yeah.

Have you played assassin's creed?


I miss the days when I hung out with friends watching movies and eating nachos and sitting under the stars. I long to find that kind of happy place again.
Hey, I have given you an award. Come and see!

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