July 2, 2010

everyone seems to be in and out this week due to the holidays so i won't drag on with a long ole post.  i don't usually write much about the music that fills our days and nights but... this song, this song, i can't get enough of this song:

happy early fourth of july american friends, and happy belated canada day to my excessive letter-u using friends of the north. i love you all quite desperately and with all of my black black soul.  now it's time for holiday snackins and a big iced coffee.  tomorrow jon rides in the northside parade with our scooter club which is pretty big doin's around here.  i'll snap you some shots.

her grumbles




Do YOU get to scoots this time? I want pics of your new helmet.

the grumbles

maybe so! depends on if we can get someone to watch the kid. no babies on scoots.


ahhh, i just love the black keys. they remind me of the pre-baby days in chicago. (not the only reason i love them, ha)


I can't get enough of their new album. I keep telling my husband, "There ain't nothin' wrong with this album!" which is weird because I never use the words ain't and nothin, but it's so true, right?


You found one of my weaknesses. I totally dig the BK's. Their first album especially!

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