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July 26, 2010

i'm breaking my own no-work-talk rule this morning to vent to you about something because 1.) it is not about office politics.  2.) it is not at all company or industry related.  3.) it's not about a particular person  4.) i'm going to go insane and punch everyone in the face hole, otherwise known as mouth-parts, if i don't let some of this out.

when i went back to work i made the commitment to pump.  it was my own choice and i didn't want to inconvenience anyone.  i just wanted to get in, get the job done, and get back to work.  zip zip.  i'm in the minority here at the company (of pumping moms) so i also wanted to keep it to myself.  it's private and it really shouldn't change anything that i dash off for ten minutes every few hours.  i do it three-times less often than half the people here take smoke breaks, so what's the big deal?

and, though i have every legal right to ask for one, a "private" location was not provided so i opted for the bathroom, the one with the locking door and little table.  it was a compromise, but everyone seemed happy with it.  i got into a routine, the months cruised along, and all was well.

a few months ago product samples started showing up the bathroom, on my table.  first catalogs.  then samples.  then spray bottles.  then a big display tin of more samples.  and i put up with it for a month or so, even as more and more crap kept showing up and there was less and less room for my pump and bottles.  i know that the person responsible doesn't know that i use that table for lady situation; they probably think no one uses it– so i tolerated it longer than i probably should have.

finally, after the third time my hose got caught on some crap on the table and spilled my milk all over the floor i marched up to those in charge and drew a line in the sand.  that shit had to GO.  i use that table daily, and though the person who put it there didn't know it, it had made me cry several times over giant pools of milk on the floor.

and they said, "oh fine, fine! so reasonable!  we'll move that stuff!"

a week went by.  the stuff was still there.

finally, i emailed them again all, hey, remember me? i still need that crap to move.  like, asap.  or i will move it.  you know, to the trash.

it didn't move, but we came to a compromise.  they took a table from another bathroom and put that in there too.  one table for me, one for all the stuff someone wants to hock in the private bathroom.  so classy.  but fine, great!  back to normal!  i was thrilled and life went on.

until this morning.  when i walked into the bathroom and my table was GONE.  someone came into the bathroom and carried it away.  and took the flowers from my table and stacked them on top of the table overflowing with crap which, in turn, forced me to go down to the public stall bathroom and pump with my new dress pulled up over my shoulders.

i am furious.  beyond furious.  it-it- the f - it -flam - flames.  FLAMES, on the side of my face, breathing-breathl- heaving breaths.  HEAVING BREATH.

part of me feels like i am overreacting.  but the other part of me is all up in arms.  i have compromised to keep this quiet.  to keep from inconveniencing anyone.  i have not demanded what i have legal right to have because it seemed easier for all involved this way.  I AM NOT ASKING MUCH.  i just need ONE SMALL, NEARLY EMPTY TABLE, IN THE BATHROOM.  is that really so FUCKING hard?!  i didn't want to run around the office making a big stink about pumping and needing special things to pump but if they're going to force my hand, bring it on.  i'll do what it takes.

after a telephone call which did not reflect how completely pissed i am the table is supposedly being moved back into the bathroom.  or at least it better be by the next time i zip up there at noon 'o clock.

or else.




Oh my god - I get it. I really do. Nothing made me want to choke the life out of someone more than if they got between me and pumping. I spent that ENTIRE YEAR with my life revolved around the safe transport of milk from my breasts to my babies bottles, and the process made me mad as hell. I did it. It was worth it. But it SUCKED. And my situation was SO MUCH better than yours. My company gave me a private room with a fridge, and a hospital grade pump. I had a sweet deal. Not even having a damn table to myself in a bathroom would have seriously made me want to stab someone in the throat.

You have every right to be angry. Get angry, then get it taken care of, because I'm sure you know that stress is the biggest supply killer of them all, and us pumping moms usually need every ounce we can produce.

Big Hugs. Who can I slap for you?

hand pecked debb

I'm sorry that sucks and smells of breaking the law. Have you cited the new March pumping laws? Does your place of employment meet these requirements? "The employer must also provide a place, other than a bathroom, for the employee to express breast milk. If these requirements impose undue hardship, an employer that employs less than 50 employees is not subject to these requirements. Furthermore, these requirements shall not preempt a state law that provides greater protections to employees." via NCSL


As a former office pumper, I'm pissed right along with you. I think it's time you let them know what the law says about protecting your right to pump at work.


Oooooo consider me burning with rage along with you. GRAH.


Um, yeah. I'd have probably raised hell a long time ago. Thats me though. I would just knock all that shit in the floor next time your table disappears. Or take your pump to the managers office and ask him to leave for a few. They HAVE to give you a place to pump and it HAS to not be a bathroom.

I'm sorry hon. I hate pumping sooo much and I can't imagine how fun it isn't doing it daily like that.


Yeah, I'd toss laws in their face at this point. It's your right. Sorry you have to deal with that :(

Written Permission

If yelling about laws doesn't work (or doesn't work immediately), how about a GIANT sign for the table that reads "BOOB STUFF DONE HERE. NONE MOVING ALLOWED. ASSHOLES."

Complete BS. I'm sorry you've had to put up with it this long, but I'm glad you're not letting them get away with it. Kick some ass!

(Your Clue reference will, however, make me happy the rest of the day.)


I'm not a pumping mama, but I'm mad as hell for you, as well. It makes me angry that big companies can't make room for their employees to pump! They need to come take a lesson from my boss, he employs less than 50 people company-wide but has the best family-friendly policies I've ever seen.


I'm dying to know how this ends up. I expect a tweet right at noon when you know if the table is back or not.

the grumbles

thanks for the angry commiseration, all!

the noon-time update was: table still gone. i went and found it and moved it back myself. as you can imagine, i was quite MAD. marched myself up to HR for a little chit chat. we'll see what happens next if i need to break out the LAW guns.


break out the law
break out the law

FUCK THAT NOISE, you have rights, and you better believe if something was affecting the SMOKER'S RIGHTS there'd be quite the stink raised about it. Get your girl, that's BS.

Ky •

Tell me who I can call at your workplace.


You should be APPLAUDED, not inconvenienced.

This is ridiculous.

(I'm sorry you have to deal with this.)

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

I can't even imagine pumping at work. I'm so proud of you for keeping this up! I really hope this gets resolved soon. I saw your reply comment that you've since went to HR. Good move, and good luck! I suck at conflict and probably would have privately fumed and let it eat away at me.

Adventures In Babywearing

This post makes me want to cry for you. I do hope it's all cleared up soon. :)


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