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July 7, 2010

saturday was the northside third of july parade, which they hold in our neighborhood every year.  it's... kind of a big deal.  like, the entire neighborhood big deal.  it would be an ideal time to rob everyone because we're all out of our houses mingling over on the main drag with our dogs and babies and that one lady who brought a skunk.

jon was riding in the parade with the scooter club so jude and i headed over to watch the parade with some friends (and so i could take photos as the unofficial scootographer).


checking out the parade route while everyone waited for the official start. this was about 30 minutes before the parade, before it got crazy crowded. the child sitting next to me kept yelling, "WHEN WILL THEY CLOSE THE STREET. WHEN ARE THE POLICE COMING?!"  it would have been more annoying but... i kinda felt his pain.  hurry up parade, it's hot!


jude was happy to just hang out and people watch with us, despite the fact that the air was boiling and the sun was creeping closer and closer into our shady spot.

it was also the first time in ten months we've used our stroller. when i was pregnant i just HAD TO HAVE that stroller.  it was very important.  yeah, you read that right.  first time in a stroller.  i'm a baby-wearin' fool i guess.


there were the old parade standards: dance teams...


...and marching bands bustin' a groove


...and classic cars, of course.


but the real reason people come to the northside parade is because... it's weird. it's hippy-dippy and eco-concious and socialist and... well, everything northside is. which is precisely why we live here. we march for peace in the america-day parade around here.


and sing christmas carols. LOUDLY.


and an old guy paid $10 to be his own float in the parade, on rollerblades.


hoola-hoop club? why yes, thank you.


jude didn't want to miss a second while i was snapping away.


the northside men's drillteam is a local favorite. they do a choreographed routine... with their drills.


...and kazoos.


oh hello this guy's ass! thank you for stepping directly in the line of my camera. WHICH WAS ON A TRIPOD. i wasn't exactly hiding it in my pocket.


a local bakery, spreading LET THEM EAT CAKE! they did our wedding cake so they have a special little place in my heart.  they were down the street from our downtown apartment and when we moved here– so did they.  coincidence?  i think not.


another returning favorite, the lawn chair ladies. the do dance routines. with lawn chairs. it's highly technical.


jude just sat quietly and watched, the entire time, and our lovely friend susan shared her water with him so we could all keep cool in the blazing sun.


i shared my water with bang. i think susan got the better end of that deal.


the scooterists! go mighty o's!
did you know that's their official title, 'scooterists'? it makes me laugh.


jon, on his red scoots, and michael, a guy we know, on his orange scoots.
i covet that orange scoots. we call it the cricket, and some day i will make it my very own.


per northside tradition at the end of the parade everyone dances their way down to the park for a carnival with concerts and games and beer. because our neighborhood is ridiculous, and awesome, and i love living here.

in conclusion: PARADE! i took photos of the entire hours-long parade, i'm not sure why, i'm kinda crazy, but you can see the entire thing over at flickr if you didn't get your parade fix this year.



hand pecked debb

wow, you live in such a cool place. this is up there with the mermaid parade i caught on coney island. we don't get excitement like this in j crew city here.


Nice photos! And the Jude is looking cute, as always!

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

I officially HATE my neighborhood, hell I now hate my entire TOWN and instead want to move in and be your neighbor.

That is the most amazing parade I've ever heard of.

Sarah W

Seriously, my husband would totally be part of that drill team (hey, it's a pun... kind of). TOO FUNNY.

I especially love the lawn chair ladies. And I agree, Jude is adorable as always!


these are great pics, but reminds me how badly i miss northside! except for the dealers on the corner of our street 24/7. maybe even them. anyway, we've got to get back to visit for the parade next year. sucks that we were neighbors and we didn't really meet you guys until right before we moved. your pictures make me happy.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

Funny about the stroller. I totally though we'd do the baby-wearing thing. I've bought 4 different slings/wraps to date. Have yet to really use any of them. Actually sold all but 1 off. Alexa is just not a huge fan. She did like the Baby K'tan for a while, but only front facing, and only for short stints, like food shopping.

We totally "push our baby away" HEHEHE.

Actually, I ended up just carrying her everywhere, inside and out, though we do use the stroller when we're taking walks.

wrestling kitties

great parade! That looks WAY more fun then most parades around here that have a marching band, the 4-H club, Dare, dogs, and a fire engine. :)

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