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July 22, 2010

a few weeks ago the jude gave up his 5 o'clock feeding, the one right when we all get home from work and babysitter and life.  every day at that time he would scream and arch his back and crawl and pinch and every other ANNOYING thing you can imagine just to try to get away from his {normally} beloved milks. finally, at a breaking point, we dropped the feeding and started doing an early dinner / snack time instead.  and lo and behold, the freakouts stopped and everything is happy smiles.

come on, mama.  i was just trying to tell you i want to eat foods.  don't you understand what i mean by GRRAWLLOWOWN?! i thought it was obvious.  duh.

these days he stuffs his face with an outrageous amount of hummus and veggies or pasta and puffs or apple bars and whatever other foods are on the menu that week.  he gets to practice his finger-foods eating {which he is awesome at now}, play games in his chair, and learn the secret thrills of throwing food down to miss bang.  it's always a fun part of the day, to see him trying out new things and chitter-chattering away.

but, some days i wish i could still pick him up into my arms and hold him close when we get home.  we're all back where we should be, reunited each day, and i long to cuddle him up and press my cheek against his head and sit.  but, active boys are not cuddly, at least this one isn't.  so instead jon feeds him snack and plays games with him while i pump in the living room, out of sight and out of mind.

it was the best of times; and the worst also pretty ok of times.




Again, cute outfit ;) he's so handsome!

Anyways, I didn't nurse as long as you, and as much as I HATED IT i did mourn the loss of those special close times when it was just the 2 of us huddled together. I found out pretty quickly though, that he still fancied a snuggle on my chest before bed, me laying on my back, him splayed out on top of me. We would have a good 30-minute catnap every night like that. Now that is gone too, he absolutely won't stand for it, there's just too much for him to do nowadays.

Heartbreaking business, but every sweet little moment leads to another, just a different kind. Hang in there Mama - he's about to blow your mind!


Och, this made my long for the baby stage again. I looooved nursing, and loathed pumping, so I'd miss the cuddle time too.

Although, even though my 5yo is active, he still cuddles with mama every day. And Biscuit is right--every little moment leads to another sweet one of a different kind.

LOVE the pic!


And this is when my uterus starts to ache again. The independence is so hard on mama. K is a boob snack and run kind of kid now and it makes me miss those days where he would just melt into me. Don't worry though, they get back to that stage. D did, and I swear Jude is his mini him. lol

Ky •

My heart breaks for you. As I read this I just thought, "I relate! I relate! I relate!"

When Lila started wanting to nurse less and less, it sort of tore me apart.

Not to mention I had just found out I was pregnant and felt GUILT for having another baby LIKE NO OTHER.

I have no words of wisdom, just an internet hug. Just know that I read this and was nodding the whole time. I get it.

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