somehow you've red-rovered the gestapo circling my heart

July 16, 2010

yesterday i found out that not only am i not going to blogher this year, i won't be able to make it to the blogger beer summit meetup in LA.  and then last night i got a shot at buying a blogher ticket on twitter... and i turned it down.  even though jon was kind enough to offer to buy it for me because he knows how much it would mean to me.  but, for a variety of reasons, it just wasn't meant to be this year.  and i want to cry about it, because i've met so many amazing friends and i want to meet them, really meet them.  somewhere a little part of me thinks that if they're all out there meeting each other that i'll fall behind and no one will remember me.  it's a silly irrational fear, the kind you only think inside your head and never tell anyone about.  except i just told you.  so... shit.

with blogher coming up in three weeks i have to admit, i'm heartbroken.  but this is the last you'll hear about it.  my place is here, being the very important mama and retreating into my cave of solitude.  time to put on my big girl nautical-themed shorts about it.


(these ones, even though they're too big)

on my way home, in the heart of my boo-hooing glum mood,
i looked up and realized i was driving right behind this car:


it's not a great photo because i was, you know, trying not to die and all.
...but look closer at THIS CAR:


seriously. their license plate says, "UR FACE" is that not awesome?
it was a sign from above for me to STFU. and then i immediately pulled up behind this one:




do they have pet cats? do they want me to pet... cats?  do they want me to have pet cats?  all i can tell is that it was a balding dude, and the car was disappointingly not full of cats.

and thus, i bounce back. alone, and yet... YOUR FACE IS NOT ALONE.


this dog sits in a hole. your argument is invalid.



hand pecked debb

I'm sorry, I know how awesome that musta been.

If Blogher is ever on the east coast, I will gladly petsit your genius and squish face pets.


Written Permission

Damn you for making me break out the Droid in the middle of the day just so I can check out these photos proper-like.

"YOUR FACE IS NOT ALONE." That is going to make me happy all weekend.

I'll be waving an adult beverage in the direction of Cincy this weekend, from my fortress of solitude to yours.

Written Permission

Also, "red-rovered" = the best verbing of a word. Ever.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian


Ky •

"PET CATS" just made my day.

(So sorry about blogher. I'd love to go, too...)


red rovered the gestapo circling my heart is genius. ur face is also genius :)


ha! good timing vanity plates! that pet cats one is cracking me up. also, we just got new plates for the car and G came home all excited to tell me that our new plate is going to say "MARRMAN" (his HS nickname- our last name is Marr). Um, hello...who drives the car every freaking day? Me. Awesome Marrman, thanks!

the grumbles

oh allie, ahahahahahhahahah! oh no!

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

DAMN "ur face" is the best vanity plate ever! I too take pictures off weird ass car shit while driving. So not safe :P

I remember once, there was a guy..driving badly...with a plate that said "DNR ME" ummm do not resuscitate? and you're driving all swervy? Stay back, stay way way back from him!

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