the yard is on fire cause we tore it up so bad, we did

July 20, 2010

over the weekend we crossed from the horror section of the MCC {what is this?} into the action section. i thoroughly enjoyed horror re: ZOMBIES, but action... oh man, do i love the action movies.  this section is going to be full of win, i can feel batman and indiana jones and james bond and the mummy pumping through my veins already.  action movies are the stuff summers are made of, blog.

now that we're in to actual movies and not really old VHS tapes and tv shows we're driving on at a breakneck pace– tearing ass around the yard, as it were.  i can barely keep up with it in my sidebar list.  for example, sunday we watched: sweeney todd, the village, zombieland, the 13th warrior, and 300.  check check check check check.

even with our increased progress into hoorayville i doubt we will make our projected end date, but what the hey, at least we're in the good stuff now and i'm loving it.  next up?  batman, batman returns, batman begins, and the dark knight.  holy batman explosion, blog.




Go, go, go! Watch, watch, watch! I don't think I could do all the horror at once though. I wouldn't be sleeping...

Ky •

I'd like to know what happens when you have no more movies to watch? (Ones from your collection.)

the grumbles

good question, Ky, i have no idea. by then maybe it will be football season. i guess it partially depends on when the final end-date is.

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