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July 12, 2010

i'm sorry, blog, but my brain isn't working today.  i brushed my teeth, got to work, and tried to kick-start it with some coffee and yogurt but still... no dice.  i r zombie, brain no work good.  maybe this is what being bang feels like.  so, on to the bullet points, which is how i'm going to communicate for the rest of the day:

·  re: movie closet challenge, we made great headway over the weekend and cruised through many a movie, including night of the living dead, land of the dead, and jaws 1 2 and 3.  jaws 3 being the best (and by best i mean stupidest and most hilarious) of the group.  that's the one where sharks attack underwater seaworld with denis quaid.  it's pure awshum.

·  we also watched the mothman prophesies.  the movie itself isn't notable, it's a mysterious thriller with richard gere, but it has a story.  you see we bought it my freshman year in college and ever since we watched it once i've told jon, NO, i HATE the mothman prophesies! and i refused to watch it.

turns out i totally had it confused with frailty, a creepy movie where bill paxton is a psycho killer dad, some crap about pedophiles and a menacing shed.  i actually do not hate the mothman prophesies and all this time i have been refusing to watch it for no reason.  interesting discovery.

· that jude, he's a good kid.  we had a fun and relaxing weekend.  oh wait, what? that's not a very interesting jude update?  how bout this– we fed him a handful of cherries friday for snack and saturday awoke to whole pieces of cherry escaped from the back end of his diaper into his bed.  um, gross.  why did no one tell me cherries + baby evidently = bad bad bad ?!  a mistake i won't make twice, i'll tell you that.

·  we're babysitting the orange scoots that i mentioned from the parade for two weeks.  i wouldn't complain if it stayed here forever and ever in our garage.  it looks so lovely to have two honda scoots parked together as best friends.  so, i'm just sayin'.... it could live here.

·  bang tried to eat a baby possum.  i forgot to tell you the harrowing tale but the gist of it is:  bang = killer.  nico = sleeping.

·  seriously, that's all my brain can make right now.  i'm going to go stare off into space.  forgive me, i love you muchly, and i'll do better tomorrow.

·  you tell me all about your weekend, how about that?



staring off into space is what all the cool kids do these days.

my deepest devotions,
zed grumblés



hand pecked debb

I have a fascination with local folklores and have heard of the mothman as a local legend that sometimes gets mixed up with Bunnyman. check it out, it's kinda spooky.

There is also the goatman of USDA, but that is further up closer to Biscuit-land.

It's a fun read if you're ever bored.

the grumbles

oh! that stuff is SO interesting. we were reading all about the mothman and the grinning man while we were watching the movie. i'll for sure check it out.


Cherries, raisins, blueberries, grapes... All equal scary poo adventures. Just fyi. I think that is one of those facts that moms don't share and probably should...

the grumbles

@amy, i had heard about the blueberries but i didn't know it applied to cherries raisins and grapes too! avoid AVOID AVOID in the future. thanks for the fyi.

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