agents of change

August 9, 2010

oh, blog.  i am a monster of habit.  i find comfort in knowing what to expect; solace is found in strict routines.  if i wrote in to you today and tried to convince you that i was a creature who welcomed change jon would call me up in a heartbeat laughing his ass off.  not that i can't handle change when i have to but it puts my head on backwards for a while as i adjust.

which is where i am right now.

i don't write about work, i take that very seriously– it's for my own protection.  so will it suffice it to say that nothing horrible has happened?  everything is just fine.  my solid schedule of first i will do x y z and then send it to q activities has just been shaken up and i'm struggling to get back on track.  i like to know what to expect and right now a lot of things are up in the air.  again.

what will happen today?  this afternoon?  will anyone return my freaking emails?  only time will tell.

{i'm not trying to be annoyingly vague, i just feel i owe you some kind of explanation as to why i can't string five words together today and will probably continue to struggle through the end of the week.}

baby stuff tomorrow.  because i know it's him you love, not me.  you assfaces.


Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

Sending anti ick vibes.

Which really just makes it sound like I am trying to cure you of a VD.


I'm trying to get shit together so I can go to school, but everything is falling out of order and piling up and it's making me crazy. While I'm not sure what you are referring too, I still feel like I totally "get" this. Worst feeling :( Hang in there...


sucks dude. sorry to hear about work stress and upheaval. school's about to start and i'm teaching with a whole new team of unknowns this year. i feel you.
also, we love mama stuff just as much as baby stuff. well almost.
yo assface.

Ky •

FUN! I love changes!

the grumbles

girl, you crazy. change stresses me out. (at least in the office)

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