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August 3, 2010

the first part of this week i'm off work, at home caring for the jude. my own little miniature taste of the stay-at-home life. how sweet it is.

no, really.   it's pretty sweet.  i've gotten to wake up with jude, play, and nap... all in our p-jams.  i got to feed my child lunch today– lunch! me! not notable to moms who are used to this routine but me, the working mom, i never get the pleasure of serving my own child lunch.   and then having a cuddle.   and going to the fabric store.  just this morning after nap we played in jude's room, where he showed me his stuffed kitty many times, and then we showered!  together!  and played in the water!   fun was had.

i'm not saying it's all rainbows and butterflies, it's just trading one set of worries for another.   instead of deadlines and trousers and emails for a few days i get to worry about nap schedules and toys and sticky post-lunch fingers.  i respect stay-at-home moms.  from my experience with maternity leave (and days like today) i learned that it brings a whole different kind of stress.   sure, you can wear your pajamas all day but then you think, "holy crap, what am i going to do to entertain this small personal all day?" and you have to give up a large part of doing what you want to do, because your day is ruled by tiny humans.

it's lovely in it's own way though, to me, an outsider.  i miss most of jude's daily grind and when i stop and think about it sometimes my heart aches a little.  though i know that he is outrageously happy with how things are, and so am i.  still, it stings sometimes.  togetherness vacation, i haz it.  and i'm enjoying the hell out of it.

now i get to go eat oatmeal.   and sew.   and yesterday, i washed my hand-wash-only bras.   imagine that! the luxury, can you feel it?

only the toes.



YAY for you! So glad you are enjoying your stay-at-home time this week! I know I'm SO lucky to be able to work at home so I can be with my kids all day! But there are days when I would kill to be in the office again. I gotta say, I'm a little jealous of moms who still get to go to the office!


Fun with the Jude! Awesome. Sounds absolutely fabulous.


You're totally going to remember these days forever too, I love that you are getting some one on one time with your cute little man. You deserve it!


Dudeskies, I think it's like, the grass is always greener no matter what side you are on. A few weeks ago I was thinking "Man, being a stay at home mom is exhausting, going back to work won't be so bad!" especially at Zoey's age, because she's past the stage where all she does is eat/sleep, but she's not old enough to pick up toys and entertain herself, so if she's not sleeping (which she is right now) I feel like a court jester trying to keep her happy.... Luckily she naps a lot.

But now that I go back to work next week - FREAKING OUT. Like, I'm not a crier - I cry like once every other year (usually cuz of that abused animals commercial set to Sarah McLachlan music!) And last night in bed - sobbing to my husband and saying shit like "It's not faaaaiiirrr to give a mommy a baby and then take her awaaaaay" and he had to talk me off the damn ledge and remind me that gazillions of moms go back to work and their kids love them and they don't turn into serial killers.

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Hand-wash-only bras?! What is this madness of which you speak? I don't even own an iron, much less undergarments fancy enough to keep out of the ol' washer.

HOORAY for stay-at-home days! I'm so glad you got to enjoy a day with your little dude and all the splashy, cuddly, sticky-fingered fun times that come with it.

Ky •


I'm glad you had a good day.


sweet. enjoy the rest of your jude only days. i'm anxiously holding onto my last two weeks before school starts again.


I have never handwashed a bra in my life. True story. Glad you're having fun this week!

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