a day of awesomesauce

August 23, 2010

this weekend jon's brother and his lovely lady were down for a visit and we decided to take jude (and ourselves) down to the aquarium for the afternoon. we're lucky to live near a small but pretty fancy aquarium. score! it was the jude's first time seeing fish!

and giant lobster too i suppose. lobster? lobsters? lobsteri? lobbies?

by the baby sea turtle tank, for junks.

we quickly found out that he was fascinated by the fish but not so much when they weren't moving. we bypassed most of the tanks where you had to look around and find the fish/frogs/snakes hiding.

dork likes turtles.

he was really interested in the mini-gators, especially since a few were swimming and walking around.

am i the only one that finds it odd that they theme the mini-gator exhibit like a louisiana hillbilly porch? are rocking chairs truly the natural habitat of the mini-gator?

my favorite part of this aquarium is the tunnels. there's something so cool about being "underwater" and especially being "underwater" in the huge shark tank.

i've never really cared for the jellyfish but jude? jude LOVED him the jellies. probably because they light them up with super-bright colors and they float around. he was entranced.

jon and i traded off wearing him in our ring sling, which turned out to be extra convenient because the aquarium doesn't allow strollers before 4pm.  –they rent out back-carriers for free instead! how cool is that, pro-baby-wearing aquarium!

at one point we paused on a bench between exhibits so i could nurse jude. we don't really ever go out to places like this so i still get the heebies about nursing in public. but! i was proud of us. we talked and laughed and hung out and ignored some weird stares while jude ate and then zip zip- let's go see more stuff. just how it should be.

he used to be scared of sunglasses. he's so over that now.

he was in heaven, it was like an all-day entertain-the-jude bonanza.
even while eating chips at habañero with no nap in sight.

randomly we were driving past this cemetery and saw a group of huge turkey vultures perching on all the headstones. dun dun dun! it was horror-movie-a-rific.

finally we grabbed some dinner sitting outside at one of our favorite pubs, the one we used to go to all the time when we were baby-less... and had time to go to lots of pubs. jude shared my fish and chips and drank from my water (out of my straw, of course!) and got kissed by a giant dog walking by.

it was a good day.
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