dear readers,

August 24, 2010

hello blog.  i wrote to you not two weeks ago introducing my new comment system, intense debate.  intense debate, that wily trickster! oh you!

it seems that intense debate has decided against my will that some of you are not allowed to comment.  maybe it thinks it's protecting me.  maybe it thinks you're evil.  maybe it thinks your face looks like a clown –the world may never know why it does what it does.  what i do know is that this is expressly against my wishes.

you see, dear reader, intense debate seems to have NO understanding of the special significance of each and every one of your comments.  i print each one out on a little scrap of lavender scented paper and a glue them to my magical pony blog shrine in my closet.  each morning, i sit in front of it and contemplate how awesome you are and how little i suck.  without my shrine of joy it's likely that i would forget to keep breathing.  but, that's neither here nor there, is it?

i've had a few reports from friends that they are unable to comment and that it gives them sassy error messages.  my plea is this- if this happens to you, please email me at thegrumbles {at} hotmail {dot} com and let me know what it says.  then i can go ask intense debate what the hell it is thinking.

the truth of it is that like all other bloggers each comment is like a little shot of heroin.  blog traffic and comments are notoriously slower in the summer because you're all out having fun like real people who don't live inside my computer.  i suppose that's acceptable, but i need my fix.

are you having trouble?  put me on speed-dial, just in cases.

the grumbles
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