August 10, 2010

so, if you're stopping by today (or even late last night) you'll notice that things are looking a little different. not crazy different, just a smidgey different. i had a few kinks in the code i wanted to work out and freshen up the place.

{and in fact, i'll be continuing to tweak things throughout the day.  if you stop by and notice things looking odd}

there are several changes i'd like to let you know about but the biggest and most important one for you is going to be the comments– i've installed a new comment system.  when you go to comment on this post it's going to look... different.  you'll probably have to put in your name, which you may not have had to do for a while.

i switched for a few reasons, but the main one is that blogger's comment system well... it sucks.  every time one of you leaves a comment it's supposed to email me so i can come check it out.  for some reason a few months ago it just... stopped.  so i have no idea when new comments are made!  it kills me because i want to be able to talk to each and every one of you.

another bonus of the new comments is that i'll be able to reply directly to your comments- and you can reply to each other's.  it's all in the interest of better community communication, lovelies.

you won't have to make a fancy log-in or anything like that, you just have to type in your name and away you go.  i want it to be as hassle-free as possible.

this post is the debut, so please, please, test it out.  i need to know if this is going to work (or not!).  if we all hate it i'll switch it back.  but i'm looking forward to many more conversations in the future.

a few other changes, in brief:  no more big blogroll.  only like three of you used it.  sorry, three people, it got the chop to make room for a new faq page.  i moved the life list, too.  i'm still pursuing all those things but... it's slow going.  no need to have it in the main menu every day.  there's new space for ads, on the far right sidebar.  got an etsy shop or want to advertise your business?  let me know.  i'm keeping it small and running it myself, no google ads here.

there are other more minor things that you may notice, but those are the biggies.  and let me know if you see something broken, i'll get on it.

it's all for you, blog, it's all for you,

the grumbles

let the comment testing begin!

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