just once, for good measure

August 25, 2010


the night before last when we got home jude was tired-  i mean extra cranky super tired.  it must have been an amazingly-awesome day of playing because kid was tanked.  after (jude's) dinner we usually be-bop around the living room as a threesome, playing with blocks and balls and whatnot.  but that night he just wasn't having it.  tears, the tears!  so tired.

since we don't have tv instead we will occasionally let jude watch youtube clips of yo gabba gabba and the muppets on my phone, and it definitely seemed like that kind of night.  i pulled up his beloved toons and jude crawled over and laid down against my side and sucked his thumb.

a cuddle!  A CUDDLE!  i haz it!

you have to understand- he doesn't DO cuddles.  he is usually not tired enough to do that.  so we watched toons, probably longer than we normally would have, purely so that i could enjoy the heaven of little boy cuddles.  he even crawled up onto me later as he zoned out and put his head on my shoulder.  it was magical, one of those quiet moments when everything is just as it should be.


not at all like this moment when he was desperately trying to get jon to give him some of that coffee.  now that he drinks out of a straw he thinks every straw cup is for him.


he has the softest fur just on the top of his nose, softest in the world.


and that thing. whatever, thing. i found out last week that she's been eating my underpants, WHOLE, out of the laundry basket. DOG FOR SALE.
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