a man of few words

August 16, 2010

i've spent so much time looking forward to the moment when jude could speak.  when we could finally communicate, even just that littlest bit.

sunday we were all playing in his room and i stepped out to go get something.  i heard jon, through the door ask him, jude, is that your bear?

yeah.  he says.  yeah.

YEAH.  OMFG.  heart melt.


yeah whateverz, of course iz my bear.

he says dog, more, mama, bear, ball, and yeah.

and, he roars like a dinosaur.  though i don't know why.

he stands in front of bang in the morning and screams BA BA BA BA BA.

this part is just as good as i thought it would be.  deliciously good.  i love watching his brain work and make new connections.


he cruises around with confidence but still no walking on his own. i can see when he wants something a few paces away he'll stand there... and reach out... and think about letting go... and then doesn't. not quite yet, mama.

look at this upside down tickling:


do you see that dimple in his cheek? where the heck did THAT come from?! certainly not from me, and not from jon, though under that beard it's sometimes hard to tell...

i was never really all that crazy about dimples before.


now, they make my heart light up. i wonder how that happened?
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