mish mash

August 6, 2010

please vote in this poll and please, forgive me this day off. back in action monday morning, hopefully with shiny new technical redesign changes going on over the weekend.

in what order should we watch the james bond movies?
chronological (by order of release date)
the order they came in the set (random jumble)

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so it turns out that they are in order in the box set.  so, we will be watching them both in chronological order and in the order that they are on the shelf.   it's a win-win situation since 0 of you voted alphabetical.



We're (my husband and I) are watching them too. Once you've had your fill, check out this film and it's sequel: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/10006871-oss_117_cairo_nest_of_spies/

I appreciate them, after watching so many (are we on the 7th?) Bond films.

Chrissy and Louis

I hope all is going well..... and the you find your shit again.

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