one: pair of shoes

August 31, 2010

last week one of my friends mailed me some hand-me-down baby shoes for the jude– barely loved by her own little dude and then grown out of in a flash.  i had been waffling the past few weeks about when/what kind/where to get for his first shoes and then BAM- fate sealed the deal.

milestones, we have them.well, that, and shoes.


the men sit down to talk about shoes. what are these new-fangled contraptions?


well you see, they slide on, just like thissss....


what do you think little buddy?


let's fasten the velcro so they don't fall off!

annnnnddd.... down.  giving these babies a test run.


he was intrigued!  probably because we never make him wear socks,
let alone shoes.  this was a whole new animal, the foot-covering animal.



Picture 6

kicking the rubber around.  he still doesn't walk on his own, but boy does he
cruise as long as he has something to hold on to.


first shoes, oh sigh.


well mama, the jury's in.  i think i like them.


...but i better go test them out some more.


these would be a lot more fun if they would fit in my mouth, i'm just sayin.

i took this last week.  last night, he could reach the door handle.  it should be illegal to grow that fast.  damn kid wears shoes now.  where's he get off, growing up and stuff.
i think they were a hit.  thanks aunt bizzlies.  xoxoxox!
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