standing up for those i love

August 20, 2010

recently i've read several nasty things about someone i love and i'm not going to put up with it anymore.  you're on notice– back the fuck off my chocolate milk.

in the last two years i think it would be fair to say that our diet has radically changed.  i've been actively growing my awareness of healthy eating and putting good things into my body.  it's an awesome side effect of pregnancy- i don't drink caffeine and i eat A LOT better.  we've continued to make further steps to feed our family nutritious responsible foods, especially now that jude is eating them too. we need to educate our kids about food because truly what we're doing to ourselves in america is abysmal.  i'm not ready to give up frozen pizza but alright hippy food craze, you've got me.  i'm on your side.

i read online the other day someone saying that chocolate milk was, "as bad as soda," "soda in disguise," and, "POISON."

stop the fucking boat, i don't want to be on here with you right now.

there are few foods i feel as passionately about as chocolate milk.  heart of gold and breath of life, the chocolate milk.  would i drink it daily?  yes.  would i bathe in it?  yes.  sins against the chocolate milk are as sins against my own body.

i'm not arguing that chocolate milk is a health food.  i agree that since it contains sugar/hfcs + other additives it should be had as a treat in moderation, especially for kids.  i don't want you to go put it in your kid's bottle and i certainly don't support chocolate formulas, for toddlers or otherwise.  but no matter how you dice it i think we can agree that standard chocolate milk probably has more calcium and nutritional value than me eating an entire pan of brownies.  for me it's a dessert substitute.  i can buy the arguement that it's not the most nutritious drink of choice, but some of us don't like kale smoothies.  there has to be some kind of middle ground between crazy rabid health food and... regular foods we like to eat.  moderation, dearest readers, for the love of god let's have some moderation. 

poison.  poison.  seriously?

there are so many forms of chocolate milk that i just don't see how you can't find a compromise that works for you (if you like chocolate milk, i mean)– you don't trust plain ol' dairy milk?  drink organic.  don't buy nestle products/don't support hersheys/don't like the sugar/hfcs and additives?  you can make your own chocolate syrup at home with cocoa powder, it's super easy.  don't do dairy?  there's chocolate almond milk, rice milk, and soy milk.  they're kind of the bastard cousins of my sweetheart, but if you insist, there they are.

me personally?  i do the organic kind.  not because i necessarily buy everything all organical, it just really truly tastes different... better.  but- GASP! i also drink the pre-mixed grocery store stuff.  i'm drinking it right now.  i dare you to come over here and stop me.  imma shank you with a shiv.

so let's get this straight- chocolate milk is not a health food.  chocolate milk should be used in moderation.  but chocolate milk is from heaven above and there's a kind out there just for you if you want it.  i don't appreciate your slander about how "evil" it is.  don't make me punch you in your whore mouth.  amen.

now if you want to slander something you can trash-talk those weird "hugs" sugar drinks.  cause those?  those i just don't get.  everyone has their POISON.
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