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August 2, 2010

saturday we had to run up to costco to get a few things.  things like gallon jugs of olive oil, a 2 lb bag of quinoa, and a mega-size jar of costco-brand benadryl (don't ask).  i generally find costco to be an unpleasant place with all the slow walking gawkers checking out the giant tubs of 500 pork ears, but it also serves a purpose, which is the pretty great deals.  especially on a giant container of olive oil.

so, there we were.  costco.  saturday afternoon.  the only benefit of that kind of situation is the free samples.  so we ate the hell out of some free samples.  well, mostly jon did.  the ladies giving them out always kinda give me the heebie-jeebies.  but i did eat some cake.  at one point we passed one giving out craisins and thought hey! the jude can have some craisins!  and so he did, and much joy was felt throughout the land as the baby was entertained by craisins and not by yelling.

after an eternity of slow walking traffic jams and endless glaring at everyone (by me) we pushed our cart with four things in it into the checkout line past heaping carts of bullshit and a guy buying two flat screen televisions.  and jon reached over and fed jude a craisin.  ...and got bit.  by a tooth!

a tooth, blog, a tooth!  finally, in month eleven, we have ONE TOOTH.  sort of.  the top of it anyway.  he refuses to let us look at it, except when he forgot and was laughing with the big mouth and jon got a look in there and SURPRISE!  he's actually getting two teeth.  the two bottom ones.  at the same time, in month eleven.

i always figured he'd get teeth at some point so it was somewhat comical that he is a slow teether.  nothing we were worried about but funny, yes.  now that there are finally teeth on the move... i'm pretty excited about it.  not that it really changes anything... at all... it's just... exciting for some reason.  shut up, ok?  i know it's irrational.  but it's also kinda fun.  and sharp.




Yay for teeth! Teeth are exciting for some reason. I am not really sure why. Like you said, it changes nothing... Thats why being a mommy is fun though. Being excited about the simplest of things again and no one thinks you are weird.

hand pecked debb

ahhhhhhhhh two toofs. so darn cute! I can't wait to see when you capture the mystical creatures on film.


Chomp chomp.



Also, those little teeth ARE sharp. Watch yourself ;) Suffice to say my little guy took me by surprise once or twice!

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

SOOOOO Exciting. We have so many pictures of Alexa's gums while the teeth were right underneath the gums. Then too many photos of those first 2 teeth. I completely understand the feeling.

Agreeing with Penelope here. Alexa tried to take a chunk out of my finger while I was poking around her mouth (yes my fault) to feel for her newest addition in the back. I have a freakin' bruise from her!

Ky • twopretzels.com



I don't know how I missed this blog! Super excited about finally getting teeth! Jay was a late teether, too. He didn't get any until he was like 13 months. And at almost 10, he's only lost two.

Oh, and you're not alone. The sample ladies give me the jeebies, too. Like I will not buy something I need if they are standing near it and might offer me something. Because food another person has touched, yuck. Now I sound like a super freak. Sorry about revealing my weirdness on your blog and for talking so much!

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