this friday...

August 30, 2010


dear readers friends besties,

over this past year you've been here to see the jude grow. you've shared in our hard times and our awesome ones. we've laughed and cried and shared stories and puzzled out tough situations, together. in a strange way i feel as if jude has a whole secret host of aunts and uncles out there, watching him grow up and making him (us) feel loved.

friday, the jude turns one. ONE! can you believe it?

so, we're celebrating internet-family-style!  join me this week and especially friday in celebrating his first year. i'll be posting like mad and even giving something (or things?) away here on the bliggity bloggity.

most importantly i want you to know how appreciated you are, just for being out there somewhere and listening. you are loved.

so, see you friday.  and maybe all the days in between.
...but that's up to you, of course.  you know where to find me.


a grumbles
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