and the winners are...

September 10, 2010

alright, let's get to it.  here's the scoop:
Nadia, Diana, and the Momsmith get cds!
Meggan gets the diaper cover!
Two Pretzels gets the mai tei!
and Steffany gets the super exclusive surprise surprise!

(all winners were drawn using

i'll be in contact with all of you sometime soon to hammer out the details.  Diana, i need your contact information!  i hope that you drop by and see this!  and Meggan, not sure if you're doing any cloth diapers, i can't remember.  we'll work something out if you're not.

i want to thank every one of you for your well-wishes for the jude's birthday.  i was pretty overwhelmed by all your comments last week and it was sweet and awesome.  keep on keeping on and i'll do the same.  i've got your back if you ever get in a scrappy bar fight with a trucker and his harpoon bear.

-and, if you're totally bummed you didn't win the mei tai, i'll be doing a step-by-step instruction post when i make the new one.  so don't fret, you can have one too.  (it's here! the mei-tai tutorial!)

your grumbles
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