a first birthday: the foods!

September 9, 2010

for phase two of jude's first birthday extravaganza we cooked a big tasty meal, just for the three of us, which we hardly ever do, and then sat down as a family to enjoy it.


we did sweet corn, ribs, and cornbread. feast of kings.
it felt like it anyway, we still have leftovers.


those of you who don't eat meat probably want to punch me in the face right about now. those of you that do probably also want to punch me in the face, but your drool might throw off your aim so i'd suggest you wait.


preparing the hungry beast.


fearless eater. we rarely serve meat but he was all
what, this tasty stuff? it's no big thing.


nom nom nom.


i was going to make him a cake, probably with whole wheat flour and organic everything and then i woke up one day and told jon we should just go to the really fancy cupcake store instead. best. decision. ever. one vanilla with raspberry icing, one carrot, one red velvet.


happy first birthday tiny human, we love you very much.


and you like it when we sing to you.


alright kid, it's go time. let's do this.






cuppin' cake vanquished!
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