a first birthday: the zoo!

September 8, 2010

we took the jude to the zoo to celebrate his birthday.   ready to roll, guys?

he's at that awkward age where it's hard to tell if he'll really be able to enjoy the animals– will he see them? will he care? official verdict: definitely into animals. he was a happy guy as long as they were moving around.  we sometimes had to cruise past exhibits where they were sleeping or hiding.  one year olds, huh!? can't they wait for anything?


checking out this guy, lounging in the sun:


most of his favorites were in the cat house because the cats would walk up along the glass (and lots of them were awake that day, SCORE.) i think the meerkats might have been the official favorite, he flipped his shit! he was talking to them and trying to bang on the glass because they were so cool and running all around.


then again, he also called almost all the cats in the cat house do-do-do-do-g-g-g-g. 
close enough.  i mean, we count bang as a dog, right?


gorillas? yesh, i can haz gorillas.



this mama gorilla was nursing her toddler while we were there.  like a scene from my own life! it was quite sweet.  there's nothing like a good mama cuddle.


(obligatory photo of kid with zoo statues)

somewhere in the middle we stopped at the picnic grounds for some snacks, a quick nurse, a dr pepper, leftover doughnut holes and a bag of cheetos. lunch of birthday champions right there.


lions! RAWR!


this lion's got a bit of the scooby-doo eye going. you know how you can always tell who the bad guy is in an episode of scooby-doo, right? one eye bigger than the other. works every time.

probably for serial killers too. we should test that theory out in real life.


at one point one of the zoo keepers was out walking around with a blue tailed skink, a big blue and gray lizard that people could pet. we took the jude up to see it and he reached out his hand and touched its back and broke out in a big ol' smile.

dear tiny science nerd,
i like you.



giraffes are so... odd. the way they walk you'd think they would fall right over.


jude especially liked the elephants and when this elephant started throwing its food around with its trunk that was just about the funniest thing he had seen all day.


i feel like this one is laughing at me. and like it needs some ponds cold cream.


phase one of birthday-day complete!
then it was home for a long nap before round two– the foods.
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