hungry hungry hippo

September 30, 2010

for the most part jude is king of zen.  he rolls with the day's events, takes it all in, goes with the flow.  but (and yes, there's a but) kid is serious about his foods.  deadly serious.

at the moment his main goal in life is to consume as many organic apple bars as possible. he loves those things with an unholy passion. (and at $1.60 at Whole Paycheck Foods, we can actually afford to buy them, huzzah!) he got hooked on them at the babysitters house and eats one pretty much daily there, plus sometimes has one for snack when he gets home.   he would eat his weight in apple bars, no joke.

apple bar king

we picked some more up last night and he clutched the box to his little chest the whole time, cried when we made him give it to the cashier, and then carried it all the way out to the car.

look mama, my owwwwn, my preccioussss...

i got this photo as a text message on the jude's birthday:

the happy birthday apple bar, of course! what else?!

however it is not just apple bars that he feels strongly about. ALL the foods, he wants ALL the foods. the second you put him in a high chair- the second you put something in your mouth- the second you open up a package- ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-MEEEE!  he flips his stuffing. he must. have. some.

well he thinks he must, anyway. when jon is eating flaming hot cheetos it's hard to explain to the little dude that no buddy, you will really really not like that.  the other day he ate a huge bowl of oatmeal and polished off an adult-sized fruit leather.

orange spaghetti time! nom nom nom

it's his achilles heel, the foods. we had a miniature incident at costco last weekend with the screaming and crying and freaking out because i gave him a cream-puff sample and he wanted MO-MO-MO-MO-MOOOORE of it.  the fact that there WAS no more didn't seem to make an impact to him.  hungry baby EAAAAT, hungry baby NOOOOOM, hungry baby want NOW.

in his defense, i wanted more of it too. there's barely anything i'd rather do than stuff my face.  guess we know where that comes from, huh?  i appreciate a healthy appetite and despite the loud screaming i find it quite hilarious and adorable.  however, it would be ideal if we could convince him to take the yelling down a notch or two.  or five.  i will feed you, gojira baby, there's no need to shout!
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