old hollywood style

September 21, 2010

the rental house we stayed at in LA was... breathtaking. a simple little bungalow house with block walls and a cement floor that exuded old hollywood class from the very tippy top of the hollywood hills.


home sweet temporary home.


nice infinity pool over there, i like the neighborhood...


classic lines...




and a glimpse into another world.


adorable, no?


that house embodies everything hollywood.



there was a touch of something special inside.
but it was outside that dropped the hammer...


like the view from the kitchen window.  and every other window, for that matter:


(click to enlarge)


stunning views of all of LA.


it was fantastic, even in its haze.


we were directly north of hollywood boulevard.


i think we were all agreed, you could sit out there for hours.


but wait!  don't forget the other side of the house!
...BAM!  hollywood sign.


there's a mirror on the outside wall.  why? i don't know.  but you can flat iron
your hair out there, or take your own picture with the skyline.

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