one: chili cheese coney

September 1, 2010

saturday night we went to the free movies on the square downtown with the scooter club.  well, technically they scooted down and then jude and i met up with them post-ride.  they generally frown upon taking babies on scoots and motorcycles, you know.


we watched happy feet in lawn chairs and brought chicken kabobs with us from home for a downtown picnic.


jude had his own little camping table to bebop around, which he loved. he couldn't seem to understand why i didn't want him crawling around on the pavement next to a bunch of pigeons. babies man, you just can't reason with them.


it was one of the first nights this summer we've really been able to hang out outside because it's been so blazing hot. so it was lovely, despite the fact that we had to watch happy feet. it's not one of my favorites.


and the jude got to stay up waaaaaay past his bed time and watch footloose.

at one point jon was off riding someone else's scoot and i stepped away to say hi to some friends, leaving jude with one of our scoot friends. (he's a doctor, ok? i figured the kid would be safe for two minutes. and he was.)

but this is what i came back to:


one messy little person, eating the leftovers of a chili cheese coney.


what mama, am i not supposed to do this?
go ahead dude, it's fine.


don't waste any.
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