one: really fun giveaway

September 3, 2010

are you ready for the good stuff?  i've been holding my breath for this all week.

in honor of celebrating the jude's very first birthday with all of you we're giving away...


a mei tai baby carrier

but not just any mei tai, a handmade mei tai.  (by me, of course!)
(non-parents don't leave yet, i have something for you too.)


i'm a baby-wearing fool but jude was just getting too big for our moby wrap and too heavy for long periods in the ring sling... what to do... what to do...

so i made a mei tai for the jude a few weeks ago when i was despairing that i couldn't afford an ergo or a babyhawk.  i found a pattern, bought some fabric, and sewed like mad.  in a week or so i'll post a mei tai how-to but let me warn you- it is not for the faint of heart.  it's an "advanced" sewing project.

regardless- it turned out amazing and we've been using it like crazy.  in front carry, in back carry, all over the carry.  and i have just enough fabric left to make one more, for you.


here's the deets: it's a reversible mei tai, meaning one side is plain and manly and one side is pretty and girly.


it has shoulder padding, waist strap padding, and little kid arm-rest padding.


the fabric is super-high quality twill, double stitched with heavy duty thread and should be good up to 40+ lbs. it's very comfortable and i've worn jude in it for up to 2+ hours without a problem– also! ideal for breastfeeding on the go.   it'll come with instructions.


... but wait...
i have more.
i'm also giving away:

one PUL fleece-lined diaper cover (also handmade by me)
three year-of-the-jude special mix CDs

one special handmade surprise.  i can't tell you what it is yet because it will be just for you, its lucky winner. (you can check out what previous secret-surprise winners won here and here.)

so there are SIX chances to win. six chances for me to say THANK YOU for your support this year and show you how special you are.

here's what you need to do:

1.  comment on any of the ONE: posts from this week. if you already did, you've already entered once! (or some of you, more than once!)

2.  you can enter one comment per post, extra entry if you go on twitter and tell everyone how much you love me and how i should be internet famous.

3.  don't have a baby and don't want a diaper cover or mei tai but still want that other stuff? just mark your entry NO BABY NO BABY.

i'll draw the winners next friday at noon.  go forth, comment, and spread the love.


you are loved. happy birthday, the jude!
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