out here in internet land

September 13, 2010

have you ever tried explaining blogging to someone who doesn't "get it"?  it's quite a weird undertaking.  since i am so entrenched in my internetty world i sometimes forget that people outside this realm don't know what blogs are.  or what twitter is.  or how they work.  before i had my own blog i read blogs, so it wasn't a foreign concept to me.  however apparently a large portion of the population still has no idea what goes down out here.  fancy that.

"So, what do you like to do in your spare time?"
"Oh I blog.  Well, I have a blog.  It's... kind of a big deal.  To me anyway."
"A what?"
"A... blog.  You know, an internet blog?"
"A who?"
"I write online, daily, so other people can read it."
"It's like an article or something?"
"Uh, no.  Not really.  But kind of."
"Well what do you write about?"
"Our family, and stuff that's going on, and like, parenting issues."
"So..... it's like a diary."
"Ummm, no."
"But you write down all your feelings and shit and put it up on the internet so everyone can read about your life.  It's like myspace, right?"
"I don't get it."
"Fine, forget it.  I write a diary.  Online.  For strangers.  Sometime I include doodles of unicorns."

and.... scene.  that's usually how that goes, to one degree or another.  but that's not all that confuses the general public about blogging.  try explaining some time that blogging is both diary and article and forum and friendship AND that if you're very lucky, you can make a living doing only that.
how 'bout this one, have you ever had this conversation:

"Oh, haha, that's great.  I was just talking about that with my friend.  She does yyy and zzz happened.  It was a great story."
"Oh, cool.  How do you know this friend?"
"We, uh... met on the internet."
... silence...
"Well really we've never met.  I just read her blog/we're friends on twitter/I emailed her one time/she's famous."
"You've... never met this person?  You just told me a story you read on the internet."
"Well yeah but... we're friends.  I mean like, I know all about her life."
"So you're a stalker, is what you're telling me"
"NO!  That's not how it works.  ... I mean she might not know we're friends but ...in my head... we're friends.  Get it?"

and.... scene.  it's amazing how many times people you only casually know through a computer can come up in conversation.  and then you appear deranged.  one final scenario for you:

"Do you want to have dinner this weekend?"
"Oh I can't!  I have plans.  I'm flying to Los Angeles."
"That's awesome!  What for?"
"Well I'm flying across the country to spend the weekend with five strangers I met on the internet.  Through my myspace diary."
"...People you've... never met?"
"That's right, complete strangers."

i'm not kidding, guys.  i leave on thursday.
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