September 17, 2010

unicorns!i'm in los angeles today! but actually not, since i am writing this post in advance.  but! you're in luck, because i've been to la before!  so, clearly i can just go off what happened last time, what changes could possibly have happened in 13 years?

dear myspace diary,

today i flew to la with my mom and aunt by myself to meet up with five strangers.  we waited in the airport for a long time while my mom and aunt had an altercation with the airline staff i drank starbucks and talked to people on twitter.  finally, takeoff!  it was a long flight and i was very tired wracked with crazy anxiety.  i was very careful to make sure i had my cd player breast pump with me the whole time.

when we got there we went to my other aunt's house a hotel who has a lot of dogs bar.  the weather was not great, and it rained muchly never.

we went to urban outfitters starbucks, which i had never totally been to before, and i bought some really overpriced underpants drinks filled with caffeine.

we went to the san diego zoo fancy rental house and saw pandas the badass view of the city.  holla!  we ate sushi.  i saw horses whores.  i did not miss totally missed home because i was on spring break have an adorable baby, but it was still cool.

we also went to disneyland a bar, where i rode drank the indiana jones ride 5 or 6 times, because i never get to do that at home.  my aunts friends do not like to ride rides, especially rides involving drinking.  i got a sunburn.  i didn't see anyone famous.  it was totally an alright awesome vacation.

being in LA-
very melodramatic song quotes
about friendship
and love
and drama
and the tawdry glitter of unreality

i'm sure this will be 70% accurate.  it was also not as funny as it sounded in my head.  but i'm in la right now, so i don't care if this post sucks.  just look at these unicorn doodles i made for you and take solace in the fact that i probably haven't been murdered.


in other news, diary, here are many doodles of unicorns! over there, to the right! though i'm sure by now you've noticed them, and i noticed you noticing.


i have illustrated for you the many things that i feel about unicorns. i feel that they are both magical and violent and have flowing hair and large, large nostrils. and ears in the shape of very crunchy leaves.

i also included a highly technical graph of these unicorns' magicalness versus unicoritude. for research purposes. i'm very professional. i'm going to run around and tell people i'm a statistician.

were i to have a journal to doodle in, this would be it, and this is what you would get to see. though for the official record this is on the tame-side for my doodles- they tend to veer wildly into the world of violence.

i rather hate the last one, but in his defense he is doing the samba. he could be a dapple or he could have chicken pox, that one's kind of up in the air. we shall call him fernando.

diary, i must confess, i've never been terribly fond of unicorns.

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